Mendota community URGENTLY seeks assistance

January 29, 1999
An update on the Mendota Dakota Community

Waholi Bear and Medicine Eagle will be leaving Sunday morning to return 
home.  They brought food, sleeping bags a cook stove and clothes.  They 
are in need of bigger ticket items like tipis, tribal flags, generator, 
fire wood, prepaid phone cards, and money to rent a porta-potty to keep 
on site.  Right now everyone has to use the holiday station 3blocks 
away, and they don't want to give them an excuse to bring in the troops 
again for sanitary reasons.  Of course the Mendota community still needs 
cash donations for travel expense, gas for the motor home and bus so 
people can get out of the cold, paper work expense, mailings video 
tapes,etc.   Alsom,  Rep. Karen Clark's e-mail was slammed last
week and she says she has not recieved email from the many people that 
have emailed her office.  Also Rep. Clark will be presenting her 
resolution to the MN house of reps. on Monday or Tuesday, and the 
Mendota would appreciate prayers for this resolution. 

Elders came this morning and they had a wonderful pipe ceremony at the 
four trees.  And so far, everyone is doing well.

Financial assistance is still needed also.
     The Mendota are a non-profit organization and reciepts will be supplied for those
who request them.
Send donations to;
Checks or money orders may be made payable to MMDC.
Mendota Medewakanton Dakota Community
PO Box 50835
Mendota, MN 55150

Contact numbers are Linda M. Brown - (612) 944-7290
                                 FAX (612) 944-0105
            or Bob Brown, Chairman - (612) 576-9686
                                 FAX (612) 576-0632

 We ask that everyone send what they it money or supplies.

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