Mendota community URGENTLY seeks assistance

February 1, 1999
Statement from Linda M. Brown, Mendota Dakota Community, 2/1/99

Mike Haney, Leo, Jim, Sky, and others attended an open forum broadcast
on Minnesota public radio 91.1fm mpls, meeting was held in St. Paul and
was hosted by Roger Moe, Steve Sviggum, and Gov. Jesse Ventura.  Mike
Haney was able to speak to Jesse Ventura on Native American concerns
with the reroute of highway 55, on behalf of not only the Mendota Dakota
people but the Iowa, Sauk and Fox, Potowatomie, Winnebago, and other
ancient tribes who once lived in the area. Ventura's response was "where
were we 25-30 years ago, when the project began."  Mike asked him about
the meeting set up prior to raid between MNDOT and the Mendota Dakota
people, Ventura's response was the issue is in the court system now and
maybe we should talk to Mike Hatch the new attourney general.  Obviously
Ventura does not take the protection of traditional cultural sites
seriously, a typical reaction we have experienced for the past 200+
years in Minnesota.  Native and other peoples need to fax and email
Jesse Ventura as soon as possible and let him know how we feel about
this issue. Disrepect shown to Mike Haney by Ventura, which was apparent
to other participants , again we need to let him know this is an
unacceptable way to treat a respected representative of Native American

Gov. Jesse Ventura
B5 Capitol Building
75 Constitution Ave.
St. Paul MN 55155

For more email and snail mail addresses of those to contact, see:
Email list.

Spoke with Linda Brown again this evening, and this is the latest
update.  Mike Haney and Bob Brown, Tribal Chair for the Mendota Dakota,
had meetings today with Nina Archibald from the MN Historical Society
and they are in support of what the Mendota community is doing.  They
have concerns that have not been answered by MNDOT that they requested a
response to in March of 1998 and December of 1998, and the Mendota have
some paper work to do for them.

Karen Clark, MN house rep. will be presenting the resolution to the
House, now, on Wednesday at 1:00 so please keep those emails coming.
There is a new affidavit from Jim Nelson, a trained tree inspector that
graduated from the UOFM, he was asked by MNDOT  to participate in the
survey on the age of the four marker trees.  MNDOTs position is that the
trees are 130 years old, he contends that they are about 175 years old
except for one tree that he states he believes is about 140 years old,
he believes this tree was planted to replace a damaged or a diseased
tree.  Jim also states that the diamond pattern of the trees does not
occur naturally in nature, and chances of this happening randomly is
very slim.  He feels this supports the statements that these trees were
planted by Mendota Dakota ancestors.  MNDOT plans on starting the phase
one process next week.  Hopes are that we can slow them down
with more documentation.

Requesting emails and letters to as many State agencies and officials as
possible this week.  Thank you.

Suggested people to continue to email and send letters to:

Representative Karen Clark
District 61A - Minneapolis
Minnesota House of Representatives
503 State Office Building
100 Constitution Avenue
St. Paul, MN  55155
Phone:  (651) 296-0294  Office

New Commissioner at MNDOT:
Commissioner Elwyn Tinklenberg
Minnesota Department of Transportation
395 John Ireland Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155

Senator Paul Wellstone
136 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-2302
Phone: 202-224-5641
FAX:   202-224-8438

For more email and snail mail addresses of those to contact, see:
Email list.

Financial assistance is still needed also.
     The Mendota are a non-profit organization and reciepts will be supplied for those
who request them.
Send donations to;
Checks or money orders may be made payable to MMDC.
Mendota Medewakanton Dakota Community
PO Box 50835
Mendota, MN 55150

Contact numbers are Linda M. Brown - (612) 944-7290
                                 FAX (612) 944-0105
            or Bob Brown, Chairman - (612) 576-9686
                                 FAX (612) 576-0632

 We ask that everyone send what they it money or supplies.

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