Mendota community URGENTLY seeks assistance

Update from Linda M. Brown, Mendota Community: (03/07/99)

From Linda M. Brown, Mendota Community: Dear Friends, OK this is were we are at. Senator Metzen from St. Paul signed the bill Friday morning He is Chair of the govt operations and veterans committee, this is were we would like the bill to go and also we would like them to hold hearings. Other members of this committee are: Senators: Dan Stevens 651-296-8075 Mora MN Senator Charles Berg 651-296-5094 Chokio, Mn Senator Don Betzold 651-296-2556 Fridley, MN Senator Michelle Fischbach 651-296-2084 Paynesville, MN Senator Larry Pogemiller 651-296-7809 Minneapolis, MN Senator Len Price 651-297-8060 woodbury, MN Senator Linda Runbeck 651-296-1253 Circle Pines,MN Senator Leroy Stumpf 651-296-8660 Thief River Falls Senator Roy Terwilliger 651-296-6238 Edina, MN Senator Deanna Wiener 651-297-8073 Eagan, MN please contact everyone you know from their districts and ask them to call and email these people and ask for support and also to hold a hearing concerning the Traditional Cultural Properties bill and resolution #711 & 712. Some people have asked for more information concerning this bill before they talk to their senators they should be explained as human rights bills and religious freedom bills, this bill and resolution is simply about protecting Native Americans sites of worship and cemeteries and bringing state laws to the level of protection as federal laws. We need to thank senator metzen for signing this bill, Senator Jim Metzen phone 651-296-4370 Also we need to work on transportation committees in both houses because although this is not a transportation bill they may request the bill be reviewed by their committees. House representatives on this committee Rep. Workman, James Clark, Hausman, Biernat, Buesgens, Davids, Haake, Johnson, Juhnke, kalis, Kelliher, Kuisle, Larson, Lieder, Marko, Molnau, Opatz, Rifenberg, Swenson, Van Dellen, Vandeveer, Westrom, Senatorson Trans. committee, Flynn, Murphy, D.E. Johnson, Belanger, Day, Hanson, Janezich, Johnson, D.H., Johnson J.B., Kelly R.C., Laidig, Langseth, Ourada, Pappas, Robling, Sams. You will have to find these names and emails and phones on your own, if anyone can spend some time getting this information out I would greatly appreciate this. (see below on this page) You need to talk to your representatives as this is the right thing to do Minnesota is a progressive and caring state lets lead the way on this type of state protection and write laws that can used as a proud example for other states to copy! We have to work really hard on this, these bills need to be through the committees and voted on by the first house by march 19th, and the second house by march 31st, we only have to work our butts off for a few more weeks. With hard work and prayers we will prevail. Thanks again to all of you for your support and prayers, we have accomplished much in just a very short time. The raid on the encampment was organized to scatter us and break our will on this issue, it accomplished just the opposite, we are focused and working harder than ever and look what we have done! We have forced the state to adhere to federal guidelines and have focused the debate on Traditional Cultural Properties issues, we have found authors for the resolutions and bills in both houses, we have made both the state and fed govt and agencies involved to take notice and pay attention to the will of the people and to do their jobs and follow the laws of the land. All of this has been done because the creator has been with us through this and I believe it is his will that this place be saved! We need to honor the creator and grandfathers with prayers of thanks and ask for continued guidance. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Pidamiya, love Linda The following are the email addresses mentioned above. (651) 296-5066 (651) 296-9303 (651) 296-3824 (651) 296-4219 (651) 296-1072 (651) 296-9278 (651) 296-0141 (651) 296-5510 (651) 296-6206 (651) 296-4240 (651) 296-0171 (651) 296-4378 (651) 296-7158 (651) 296-5091 (651) 296-3135 (651) 296-8872 (651) 296-6612 (651) 296-1069 (651) 296-8634 (651) 296-5511 (651) 296-4124 (651) 296-4929 phone: (651) 296-4274 phone: (651) 296-4264 phone: (651) 296-3826 phone: (651) 296-5975 phone: (651) 296-9457 phone: (651) 296-3219 phone: (651) 296-8017 phone: (651) 296-9261 phone: (651) 296-8881 phone: (651) 296-5285 phone: (651) 296-4351
Senator Langseth does not use email - phone: (651) 296-3205 phone: (651) 296-5981 phone: (651) 296-1802 phone: (651) 296-4123 phone: (651) 297-8063

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Contact numbers are Linda M. Brown - (612) 944-7290 FAX (612) 944-0105 or Bob Brown, Chairman - (612) 576-9686 FAX (612) 576-0632 We ask that everyone send what they it money or supplies. PLEASE HELP PROTECT OUR SACRED SITES!

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