Mendota community URGENTLY seeks assistance

Update from Linda M. Brown, Mendota Community: (03/09/99)

Dear Friends, I did not go to the capitol today but spoke with a few people who did. I spent the day returning phone calls and organizing materials for the hearings[wemay or may not have at the capitol] I heard today that Senator Metzen is wavering about supporting the bill and having hearings, we need constituents from South St. Paul, Inver Grove Heights, and parts of Eagan who are supporters to call him and ask him to support this bill and not remove his name from it and also to hold hearings on this bill. We also need to contact Representative Jim Rhodes and ask him to hold a hearing in his committee. We are concentrating on House members and Senate members from the Government Operations and Veteran Committees, I did send out some names and phone#s, and email addresses the other day. If you did not receive this please look these people from these committees up on the internet. We will continue to work on the members of these committees to get their support. I will be back at the capitol part of the day tomorrow. Hearings with the Elders and Joe HudakMNDOT Chief Archaeologist have been postponed I will let you know when these are going to be held. Also if we get this bill heard in one of the bodies of the legislature we will need as many people as possible to show up. This is very important! the legislatures need to know how many people care about this issue. We have to get a hearing by next week and get it out of committee and to the floor to vote on by the 19th of March or all this work has been in vain. Please plan on taking a day off and ask others to do the same, or a few hours off from your jobs, to attend this hearing if we get one. Imagine the impact of 200 or more people at this event. As soon as I know something I will let you know. We are still compiling information about the area, If you have something to add, we needcopies of the cover sheet for the book, Picture, article, etc, also we need the authors name, and information passages highlighted, and the bibliography, we are going to spend Friday and Saturday organizing this info. so we will need it before then. This material is to help us support our case for designating this area a Traditional Cultural Property. Also we can use this material to give to Joe Hudak, and the Fed Highway Dept to aid them in their determination. Please contact ASAP if you have anything. Keep up the good work and all the prayers. Everyday someone else comes forward to help us with this cause. Pidamiya, Love Linda

Email addresses for Senators and Reps.
The Mendota are a non-profit organization and reciepts will be supplied for
those who request them.  Send donations to:
Checks or money orders may be made payable to MMDC.
     Mendota Medewakanton Dakota Community
     PO Box 50835
     Mendota, MN 55150
Contact numbers are Linda M. Brown - (612) 944-7290 FAX (612) 944-0105 or Bob Brown, Chairman - (612) 576-9686 FAX (612) 576-0632 We ask that everyone send what they it money or supplies. PLEASE HELP PROTECT OUR SACRED SITES!

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