Mendota community URGENTLY seeks assistance

Update from Linda Brown (05/17/99)

Dear Friends, The hearing on the land swap between MNDOT and Minneapolis Park board will be next week on May 25th 1999 at 9:0 am. Written submissions must reach Best and Flanagan one week before the hearing date[which would be tommorrow.]

Under Chapter 16, Section 13 of the Charter of the city of Minneapolis, "all interested parties" are entitled to be heard concerning a sale, swap or other transfers of lands available for park purposes. The sale, swap, or other transfers is not valid unless the judge signs off on the sale. I'm sorry this is such short notice but anyone who wants to write a letter may fax this until tomorrow.

Hennepin County[4th judicial District] Court File no 99-6232

Opposing Counsel: Best & Flanagan Brian Rice Paul E. Kaminski 4000 U.S. Bank Place 601 Second Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55402

Phone 612-339-7121 Fax 612-339-5897

Judicial Authority: the Honorable LaJune T. Lange Clerk Debra Schumacher 4th Judicial District Court Hennepin County Government Center 300 South 6th Street Minneapolis, MN 55487-0421

Phone 612-348-5474 Fax 612-348-2131

If you would like to respond please do so by fax. Pidamiya, Love Linda

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