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Update from Linda Brown (05/21/99)

Dear Friends, sorry I have been off the air for so long. I'll try to fill you as to what has happened lately. The Admendment was never attached to a bill. Rep. Mark Gleason tried at one point but before any discussion took place Rep. Wes Skoglund stood up immediately and ask that it be found not germane to the bill we were trying to get it attached to. This was the same bill that it was ruled germane in the Senate. Rep. Gleason and also Rep. Satveer Chaudhary tried to speak about it's being germane but Speaker of the House Sviggum ruled against us. Our supporters at that time sacrambled to find another bill that it could be attached to. They did find another bill whose author was willing to look at our amendment as friendly. Our supporters waited until after midnight Monday night waiting to see if this would be brought up on the floor, but unfortunately we ran out of time. I want to thank everyone who supported us so fervently on this legislation, I'm filled with sadness that we couldn't get this accomplished. We have only the greatest admiration and respect for the Representatives and Senators that worked so hard and hung in there with us even though this was not a popular stance for them to take. Please take the time to thank Representative Karen Clark, Representative Mark Gleason, Representative Satveer Chaudhary, Senators Ellen Anderson, Senator Linda Berglin, Senator Gary Laidig, and even Senator Jane Ranum. We also sincerely thank our die hard lobbyists that worked so very hard right up until the very end, Diane, Anne, Mary, and of course John.

We did submit our own report to the State Historic Preservatin Office this week and we should find out the results of their recommendation by the end of next week. I will email the context of the cover letter out in a few days with some recommendations for actions that people may take to help, I feel we may have to continue to put alot of pressure on the Federal level, with continued letters, and emails. We continue our vigil and ask again for your support and prayers. Pidamiya, Love Linda

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