Mendota community URGENTLY seeks assistance

Update from Linda Brown (06/14/99)

Dear friends, the 10th month anniversary of the occupation of this sacred land was a wonderful opportunity for us to get together and use the land as it has always been meant to be used, for celebration, prayers and ceremony. Thunder Nation Drum group once again gave their support as they have always done for us, it was a great honor for all of us to have them there. You could feel the response from the land and the people to the singing and drumming it was an incredible experience. We also need to thank the Heart of Beast Puppet theater for performing for us, the kids and adults were quite spell bound by their play, they too have always been there for us. It was wonderful to see old friends and supporters relaxing and having a good time together. Some of us had to leave early to attend the Minnehaha Watershed Meeting. This meeting lasted until midnight and MNDOT was there in full force with engineers, designers, and consultants. The Managers of the commission had many tough questions and I feel that some of them would like to see this project stopped. We of course have never had the money to hire specialists to create enough doubts, but one of our supporters who is a hydrogeologist did respond to MNDOT quite well. The rest of us could only speak from our hearts about the immorality of this road and how it would affect the people and youth who live in the inner-city and use this park as a place of refuse from the concrete jungle they live in.Why is it always the people with no political power or money that are the ones who suffer the most from these kinds of projects? We need to let the political people that support this monstrosity know that we will work as a group when next they run for office and that we will fight against their reelection.. Many of them live in the city and yet they turn their backs on the destruction this road will cause throughout this fragile and beautiful area. The Watershed Commission decided to postpone their decision on the permit until their June 22nd meeting. They will take no more oral testimony, but it's not too late to write and let them know how damaging this project would be to the creek and falls and park, please let them know how you feel about this project. Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, Managers, 2500 Shadywood Rd. Orono, MN 55331. Also we would like as many people as possible to come to the June 22nd meeting to show your support. Every delay is a few days longer for the trees and land to survive. Please join us for the Wednesday night spiritual walks whenever you can, this is an opportunity for us to be together and support each other and the land. Please visit the encampment whenever you can, it is so important that the grandfathers know that we support the land and we desperately need their help in saving this sacred place. Pidamiya,
Love Linda

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