Mendota community URGENTLY seeks assistance

Update from Linda Brown (06/15/99)

Dear Friends, I received some calls tonight about information on World Peace and Prayer Day, after checking some of the web sites I realized that I neglected to put this information out for you, my apologies. We have been distributing posters all over the city but I wanted to include all of you. We will be gathering for ceremony at Coldwater Spring at 9:30 am Monday morning June 21st and then we will have a feast after the ceremonies, the spring is located east of Hiawatha Ave.[ Hwy 55] on 56st Street[ there is a sign that says Bureau of Mines] also just a short distance from the encampment, if you have any questions please call me at 612-944-7290, please bring a dish to share as of right now we have no idea how many people will be able to join us. We ask that you join us in prayer at 10 am wherever you are if you cannot be with us, people all over the globe will all be praying at the same time. Also we ask that women who come please wear long skirts and no tank type tops. I hope that our prayers are able to move the world and its people. Pidamiya, Love Linda

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Dear Friends, I have more info for you on the Minnehaha Creek Watershed Managers, eric Evenson, District Manager, email , Pamela Blixt, President MCWD email , Malcolm Reid, Vice President MCWD email , Lance Fisher, Secretary MCWD, email , Monica Gross, Treasurer MCWD fax 612-922-6652, Manager Jim Calkins email, Manager Scott Thomas email, Manager Tom LaBounty Fax 612-471-0682, Or mail letters to 2500 Shadywood Road,
Excelsior, MN 55331
Phone (612) 471-0590
MCWD managers are political appointees [not elected] considered volunterrs, paid $55/meeting. MCWD web site is Next meeting is Tues June 22, 1999 6;30 Minnetonka City Hall. Also I hope to see you at World Peace and Prayer Day, June 21st 9:30 am at the Coldwater Spring. We are hearing rumors of a raid on the encampment this weekend. Are they so afraid of a Peaceful Prayer vigil that they have to respond once again with violence? Prayers will be sent to the creator at the same time all around the world and a raid at this time would only draw negative attention to this issue for Government Officials once again. Please pray with us wherever you may be. Pidamiya, Love Linda

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Contact numbers are Linda M. Brown - (612) 944-7290 FAX (612) 944-0105 or Bob Brown, Chairman - (612) 576-9686 FAX (612) 576-0632 We ask that everyone send what they it money or supplies. PLEASE HELP PROTECT OUR SACRED SITES!

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