Mendota community URGENTLY seeks assistance

From Linda M. Brown - Mendota Community: (12/28/99)

Dear Friends, This month has been a difficult time for all of us. This is the time of year when all the world talks of peace and love and understanding, it is still hard to believe and understand what the State of Minnesota has done here. Somewhere in the back of my mind I try to rationalize and understand, but my heart and soul has not been able to accept that the Four Sacred Oaks are gone. Many people came to visit the site after the trees had been cut, I could see the pain and disbelief in their eyes. The only way I could deal with all of this was to just continue working to get the wood out of there and to a safe place. Friday Decmeber 17th we had to be in federal court to hear the lawyers argue about MNDOT's motion to dismiss our federal lawsuit, I can't really remember too much of the arguments, but the judge said he would take it under advisement,so we continue to wait for his verdict.Thursday December 23rd we held ceremonies at the Sacred Spring. It was good to see everyone, but much of the joy that we have always felt at these gathering was missing, everyone is still trying to recover. After the ceremonies I drove past the site of the encampment, there is nothing left there, just bare ground, even the stumps are gone. Although we spent time with family and friends over the holiday weekend, it was a very quiet time and with everyone scattered all over, I miss the gatherings at the encampment that have been held over the last 16 months. Many of our people are ill right now and we are trying to continue to gather our strength back. In a few days a new year will start and we still have much to do. There is to be a New Year Pow Wow at the Indian Center here and many of us will be attending this. We all need to start the healing process, because our work is not done yet. Many people that have been arrested over the last months and will be going back to court again this month. Please check the website at for current information on what is happening and I will continue my updates as much as possible. Your continued support and prayers are very important to us. Peace and Happiness to all of you this New Year. Love Linda
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