Leonard Peltier is guilty only of caring about his people and his family. If we don't do something to assist in his release - you could be the next person convicted and sentenced just for caring, or maybe your spouse, or your daughter or your son.
Leonard is an American Indian serving two consecutive life sentences in a federal penitentiary, even though there is NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE that he is guilty of anything. He is a political prisoner of the U.S. Government!!!

The Shoot Out

On June 26, 1975 two FBI agents allegedly searching for a young Indian man accused of stealing a pair of used cowboy boots, spotted several men in a red pick-up truck. They followed the truck briefly. The occupants of the truck pulled into the Jumping Bull property. Shots were fired though no one knows who fired first. Soon the situation exploded into a firefight involving 30 or so Indian men, women, and children and eventually over 150 FBI agents, BIA police, US Marshals and the local police known as GOONs. Some of these arriving in armored personnel carriers, and within minutes of the first shots. Two agents and a young Indian activist died that day. Within hours of the shootout, according to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, which labeled it "a full scale vendetta", hundreds of paramilitary equipped, combat-clad FBI agents and US Marshals staged a dragnet through the reservation in a fever of revenge in which men, women, and children were terrified and properties and homes were ransacked.
There has never been ANY investigation into the death of the Native American killed that day. See more on this here. NONE! The FBI does not even acknowledge his death in their many, many press releases about the "incident".

The Set-up

Leonard had been previously identified as an AIM member by the FBI and targeted by their notorious COINTELPRO program which "neutralized" people by slander, attack, and arrest. Fearing no possibility of a fair trial and at the request of his elders, he fled to Canada where he was later arrested and extradited by affidavits manufactured by the FBI, and that the government now concedes were FALSE and FABRICATED. NOTE: This means the extradition was in fact an illegal act, and the Supreme Court of Canada has stated (in 1989) that if the extradition was fraudulent, Leonard should be returned to Canada, where he would be a free man. Read here, how the Canadian Minister of Justice has obviously become a pawn and puppet to the wishes of the U. S. Department of Justice.

Four men were initially accused of murder in the deaths of agents Williams and Coler. One was the young Indian man who they claimed they were coming to the camp to arrest for the alledged theft of a pair of used cowboy boots. All charges against him were dropped. Two of the men were acquitted before a jury. They were found "NOT GUILTY" by reason of self defense. The jury rightly concluded that the men had no way of knowing that the two FBI agents - in plain clothes and driving unmarked cars, were federal agents. When gunfire started, these men who were already used to the reign of terror that was going on - having already lost at LEAST 50 of their friends and relatives - killed and their deaths remain UNINVESTIGATED to this day, well they returned fire as anyone would. Leonard Peltier was in the camp that day, and he says he did fire in the direction of the two vehicles, but he had no more idea of exactly what was going on than the two men who were acquitted of the same charges. Leonard, once away from the Jumping Bull property, had fled to Canada, thus he did not stand trial with the two men who were acquitted. But - once these two were acquitted, the FBI decided to concentrate their "full prosecutorial weight against Leonard Peltier." Once they convinced Canada to extradite him, (using illegal and false affidavits) he was returned to the custody of the U.S. The FBI couldn't allow Leonard to stand trial in the same place that the two other men had been acquitted in, so they went "judge shopping". They found what they were looking for in North Dakota - a judge who had a reputation of being very hard on Indians. The handpicked judge, favored by the FBI for his anti-Indian reputation, refused to allow evidence of self defense in Leonard's trial. Information from the acquittals of his codefendants was also ruled inadmissible. Jurors were convinced by the court that AIM "snipers" would kill them at any time. The windows of the courtroom were painted black to "protect" the jury. The bus that took the jury to and from the courthouse also had it's windows painted black to "protect" the jury. The jury was keep sequestered and heavily guarded. In short Leonard Peltier was convicted before his trial even began. Manufactured evidence presented by the FBI in the form of false ballistics tests, and illegally withheld evidence in the form of ballistics test that proved that the evidence they submitted was false. They never proved that Leonard even owned the gun that they attributed the fatal shots as having come from. The gun was in such bad shape from being in a fire - it could not be fired, so there was no reliable way to prove it had even been on the Jumping Bull property that day. But, the FBI was out of people to pin this on, so they made sure the evidence all pointed to Loenard. He was convicted and sentenced to two consecutive life terms.

Government Has No Evidence

The government has subsequently changed its theory on who killed the agents and today admits they have NO IDEA WHO KILLED THEM. This change of theory came about during an appeal when a judge suggested to the prosecution that the evidence was, at best, merely circumstantial. The government then argued that they had tried Leonard as both the murderer and aider and abettor. According to the final decision of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, Peltier's trial and previous appeals had been riddled with FBI misconduct and judicial impropriety including: coercion of witnesses, perjury, fabrication of evidence, and the suppression of exculpatory evidence which could have proved his innocence. The Court called the FBI's misconduct "a clear abuse of the investigative process". Yet they ruled against a new trial for Leonard Peltier because they were "reluctant to impute further improprieties to them (FBI)." Recently it was discovered that a terrible error had been made during the appeal by Leonard's own attorney during which he mistakenly agreed with the judge regarding the testimony of Norman Brown. What the attorney and the judge did not realize was that Brown had recanted his testimony at trial and stated he had been coerced by the FBI. He further stated that he never saw Peltier anywhere near the bodies of the agents. We also now know that other agents were stationed around the area prior to the start of the firefight, in direct contradiction to their testimony at trial. This was discovered in September 1995 following the release of radio communications from the South Dakota Attorney General's office. A document has been unearthed stating that almost two months prior to the day of the shoot-out, the FBI was planning "paramilitary law enforcement...on Indian land", specifically, Pine Ridge. It may also be noted that the highest buildup of agents to civilians occurred just six days prior to the tragic incident.


It is obvious to anyone with a conscience that the government was planning to attack the AIM encampment, perhaps in the hopes of diverting attention from an illegal land transfer, or perhaps as a way to stop Senator Frank Church's Committee from investigating the FBI's COINTELPRO program in regard to Native struggles. That investigation was initiated just prior to the shoot-out. It was halted the day after "due to the deaths of the agents." With recent developments in Washington, DC proving the FBI grossly participated in illegally doctoring and manufacturing evidence to ensure criminal convictions, more attention MUST be paid to this renegade organization's past misconduct. Congressional hearings/investigations are critical! Ask your Senators and Representatives to call for a full investigation of the FBI. Remind them of Waco Texas and Ruby Ridge. The FBI is a rogue agency and it's out of control.

Recent Developments

During a parole hearing in December 1995, US prosecutor Lynn Crooks admitted again that no evidence exists against Peltier. He further stated that the government never really accused him of murder and that if Peltier were retried, the government could not reconvict. The Parole Board, however, decided not to grant parole because Peltier continues to maintain his innocence (they stated that Peltier had not given a "factual and specific account of (his) actions...consistent with the jury's verdict of guilt") and because he was the only one convicted. As ridiculous as this reasoning sounds, it has thus far held up. A petition for executive clemency after nearly 7 years from the time it was filed with the Department of Justice, was refused by William Clinton. Clinton pardoned several of his friends and business partners, but says he never seriously thought of any such pardon for Leonard.



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Become totally familiar with the case and the ongoing situation. Contact your elected officials and ask that they support the call for clemency, and demand that the FBI be investigated.

Lobby city councils as well as local educational, religious, social, and cultural organizations in generating resolutions and proclamations.


Also email the Vice President for Executive Clemency

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HOUSE WEBPAGE for addresses and contact numbers. The Honorable (full name ) United States House of Representatives Washington DC 20515
Write the Senators from your state. SENATE WEBPAGE for addresses and contact numbers. The Honorable (full name ) United States Senate Washington, D.C. 20510 Write to Leonard Peltier (he can receive US postal money orders, photos (not Polaroid), and paper back books) Leonard Peltier # 89637-132 USP LEWISBURG U.S. PENITENTIARY P.O. BOX 1000 LEWISBURG, PA 17837

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