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From: Mike Wicks <>
Organization: American Indian Cultural Support


The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee has announced that November 1999, is "Freedom Month for Leonard Peltier." The Defense Committee and its supporters intend to deliver to President Clinton a petition asking him to grant clemency to Leonard Peltier. Leonard Peltier is currently serving consecutive life sentences in a federal penitentiary for the ruthless act of defending himself and women and children from an attack by men who had shown their hatred toward Indian people. To commute the sentence of Peltier and allow him to be released would be justice and the moral thing to do. To show the entire community of law enforcement professionals in the United States that they cannot get away with illegal tactics to imprison innocent people. For years, supporters of clemency for Peltier have worked for his release from prison, taking every opportunity to try to convince the American public that he does not deserve his punishment. Virtually all of the pleas and arguments for Peltier's release have been historically accurate. The members of the FBI Agents Association and the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI want the President and all Americans to know their twisted and illegally manipulated "facts". Misguided efforts to obscure or dilute the truth must not undermine justice in the case of Leonard Peltier.!!!

June 26, 1975, was a hot, dusty Thursday on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwestern South Dakota when two young FBI agents arrived from their office in Rapid City. It was about noon when Special Agents Ronald A. Williams, 27, and Jack R. Coler, 28, pulled into the Jumping Bull Compound area of the remote reservation seeking to arrest a young man in connection with the recent theft of a pair of used cowboy boots!!! The FBI has NO JURISDICTION on an Indian reservation except in cases involving a MAJOR crime.

Spotting a red pickup truck in which they believed the fugitive suspect to be riding, the two agents pursued it toward an open grassy bowl-like area, where they opened fire on a red pickup truck in which they believed a man who MIGHT be guilty of stealing a pair of used cowboy boots MIGHT be! The area had many women and children in it, but like Waco, they were not a concern to the FBI agents. Believing they were being attacked, as so many other Indian people of Pine Ridge had already been, the Indians returned fire. Within minutes, 200 more officers were on the scene!!!! They had been assembling for more than a week prior to this "incident". The Indians fled to keep from being massacred - again!

During his trial in U.S. District Court in Fargo, N.D., in April 1977, a jury convicted Peltier of the murders of Coler and Williams based entirely on fabrcated evidence later proven to be false. A judge sentenced him to two consecutive life sentences for a "crime" that two other men had already been aquitted for - by reason of SELF-DEFENCE! This same judge would not allow that fact to be presented to the jury.

Peltier has since appealed his various convictions numerous times. Each time, the federal courts have upheld earlier court actions. The U.S. Supreme Court has twice denied Peltier review without comment. The record is clear. Leonard Peltier is being held as a political prisoner, and the entire judicial system has been turned into some kind of joke by the FBI.

Several times on national television, Peltier has admitted to returning fire from the two agents. In his most recent public interview, Peltier has even reluctantly conceded what he had previously denied, that he had in fact gone down to where the agents were executed. Still, he openly states that he feels no guilt, remorse, or even regret for defending himself and the women and children. Leonard Peltier deserves to be granted clemency for the incredible injustice he has suffered just because the FBI needed a scapegoat for their own bungling attack on innocent Indian people. He deserves compassion.

Mr. President, there is no justification for leaving Leonard Peltier in prison. Our judicial system has been broken, twisted, and turned into something personal by this rouge agency called the FBI. It's time to move on. Leonard Peltier is innocent of any crime, and everyone, including the FBI knows it. Native American issues like the FBI training the Dickie Wilson GOON squads and taking lives on the Pine Ridge reservation led to the deaths of those two agents, and to the deaths of at least 67 - that's right, AT LEAST 67 Native American DEATHS. Leonard Peltier was a leader in the Native American community and even now that the FBI has framed him with manufactured evidence, he is still regarded as a leader. The FBI has shown itself to be an agency of brutish thugs and murderers with no respect or regard for human life, especially when women and children are involved. Pine Ridge, Waco, Ruby Ridge....... They are out of control! Our citizens, on and off the reservations, must be protected from predators such as these rouge FBI agents!

Mr. President, since the FBI fooled the federal courts, with phoney manufactured evidence and testimony, they think they can now fool you and the public. The same men who play on sympathy for the two agents, have NEVER lifted a finger to investigate the death of Joseph Bedell Stuntz who also died that day. He was just another Indian to the FBI, and didn't even rate an investigation. We lost AT LEAST 67 dead and one in prison due to the FBI and their meddling in Tribal affairs! Don't allow them to take what is left of Leonard's life. GRANT EXECUTIVE CLEMENCY TO LEONARD PELTIER.

Mike Wicks
American Indian Cultural Support

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