Whatever your feelings are on this issue, please write a letter to the editor of the Recorder Herald and express them.

An Email link is also provided so you may send an email to Lanny Sloan below.

A letter to the Superintendent of schools and one to the Chairman would also be appreciated.

Recorder Herald
519 Van Dreff Street
Salmon, ID 83467
Phone: (208) 756-2221

City of Salmon
City Hall
200 Main Street
Salmon, ID 83487
Phone: (208) 756-3214

Candis R. Donicht, Ed.D., Superintendent,
Salmon Schools
District 291
P.O. Box 790
Salmon, ID 83467
Phone: (208) 756-4271

Steve Lish, Chairman, Board of Directors
Salmon Schools
P.O. Box 790
Salmon, ID 83467

Thank you!

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