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The NCRSM calls for your support on these ongoing actions:

Salmon High School "Savages" (Idaho)
     Idaho letter writing campaign.
     Additional information
    The Lemhi Shoshone (Sacajawea's People)

Marquette "Redmen and Redettes" (Michigan)
     Legal battle against the Marquette, MI School Board

Cleveland "Indians" and "Chief Wahoo" (Ohio)

Washington Racists, AKA: Washington "Redskins" (Our nations capital!)
     DC Action info on the copyright and trademark lawsuit decision (Harjo, Apodaca, Deloria, Hill, Romero,
     William Means and Begay vs. Pro-Football, Inc.)
Washington DC City Council resolution 14-262 (November 6, 2001)

University of Illinois (Illinois)
    One of the last major universities still using a Native American mascot, the UI Board of Trustees insists its     "Chief Illiniwek"    is honoring Indians.
Artice in the Chicago Tribune: National academics blast U. of I. mascot
Artice in the Chicago Tribune: Department of Justice offered to mediate mascot dispute
Artice in the Chicago Tribune: Illiniwek controversy gets personal
University of Illinois press release ending the racist "Chief Illiniwek"

Atlanta "Braves" (Georgia)
     Photos and video excerpts from Michael Haneys visit to Atlanta at the invitation of the "Braves" organization

Florida State University "Seminoles" (Florida)
    Another major university insisting it is honoring Native Americans by its use of the racist mascot
    "Chief Osceola"
A note about the real Warrior Osceola;
General Thomas Jesup seized Osceola through subterfuge. While Osceola was under a flag of truce, he was captured. On January 30, 1838, Osceola died at Fort Moultrie in full battle regalia. Even in death, Osceola did not escape white exploitation though. Dr. Frederick Weedon, the military surgeon, kept Osceola's severed head in a medical museum until it was destroyed by a fire in 1866. You don't think that maybe the logo of FSU is a present day representation of that severed head do you? I do. How racist is that?

University of North Dakota "Fighting Sioux" (North Dakota)
    Another major university insisting it is honoring Native Americans by its use of a racist mascot.
    An article from The Chronicle of Higher Education.
    View the flyer for the UND Conference on American Indian Team Names and Logos
    October 4, 5, 6, 2001 at UND Grand Forks, ND
    See the website of "Bridges" Building Roads Into Diverse Groups Empowering Students

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