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Charlene Teters

Charlene Teters
(Slum Tah)
Spokane Nation

    Charlene is an artist and Professor at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe.  She is on the board of the National Coalition on Racism In Sports & Media. She, Vernon Bellecourt, Mike Haney and other AIM people were assaulted by fans and U of Minnesota Police at a 1992 basketball game for peacefully demonstrating against the U of Illinois mascot - a dancing white student in an eagle-feathered headdress called Chief Illiniwek. She established the Office of Racial Justice for the National Congress of American Indians. Charlene is an accomplished artist featured in over 21 major exhibitions, commissions & collections. She is a Spokane, indigenous to the plateau region of what is now Washington state and works to support Indian children striving to transcend poverty and unemployment. Her politically powerful art attacks racist stereotypes that undermine Indian self esteem. "Indians are human beings, not mascots. Warriors within our society are about peace and life."

Link to Charlene's web page - www.charleneteters.com