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Salmon "Savages" (Idaho)

    As part of our national campaign to rid U.S. schools of racist mascots, the NCRSM has been involved in negotiations with the Salmon, Idaho, School Board to eliminate their Salmon Savages mascot and name. As of 12/13/99 the School Board has agreed to drop all Native imagery that includes the Indian head logo and mascot. The Board will vote in March 2000 on whether to drop the name "Savages". Unfortunately, the local Shoshone Bannock Business Council does not support the NCRSM.  In addition, the outcome of this case will certainly influence neighboring Pocatello School District, trying to keep their Pocatello "Indians".

    Idaho has a relatively large Native population and is also well known for its active Aryan Nation. We feel this is a very important step towards making this state more respectful of Native people and all people of color.

    We need your help and suggest the following actions:

1. Contact the Shoshone Bannock Tribal Council asking for their support:
Shoshone Bannock Tribe
P.O. Box 220
Fort Hall, ID 83203
Web Site: www.sho-ban.com
Phone: 208-238-3805 or 208-238-3700
Fax: 208-237-0797

Duane Thompson, Tribal Chairman
Keith Tinno
J. D. Wadsworth
Claudio Broncho
Whitie Edmo
Larry Bagley
Mike Dann

2. Contact the Salmon School District asking them to change the "Savages" name:
Candice R. Donicht, Superintendent
District No. 291
P.O. Box 790
Salmon, ID 83467
Telephone: 208-756-4271
Fax: 208-756-6695

3. Contact the Pocatello School District asking them to change the mascot and name:
Carol McWilliam, School District Director of Secondary Education, Principal of Pocatello High School
School District No. 21
3115 Poleline Rd.
Pocatello, ID 83204
Telephone: 208-233-2056
Fax: 208-232-0365

Pocatello High School
325 N. Arthur St.
Pocatello, ID 83204-3101
Telephone: 208-232-3563

4. Write to the Salmon newspaper:
The Recorder Herald
519 Van Dreff St.
Salmon, ID 83467
Telephone: 208-756-2221
Fax: 208-756-2222

5. Write to the Pocatello paper:
Idaho State Journal
305 South Arthur
PO Box 431
Pocatello, Idaho 83204
Web site: www.journalnet.com
E-mail: newsroom@journalnet.com
Letters to the Editor: letters@journalnet.com
Phone: 208-232-4161
Fax: 208-233-8007

6. Write to the Tribal paper:
Sho-Ban News
P.O. Box 900
Fort Hall, ID 83203
Telephone: 208-238-3703
Fax: 208-238-3702
E-mail: shobnews@cyberhighway.net

More information, pictures, and resources.

Dr. LaNada Boyer (right),
NCRSM Idaho chapter coordinator with Cyd Crue (NCRSM-llinois)