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Marquette "Redmen and Redettes" (Michigan)

    In January 1999 the Marquette Area Public School Board voted to eliminate the severed Indian head logo for the Marquette High School. This logo accompanies the Redmen and Redettes names and mascot.  By June 1999, the Marquette community had expressed their disapproval by voting the Board out of office and replacing it with members that would reinstate the logo.  This finally happened a month later. Faced with such pervasive racism Marquette Indian community members Lisa McGeshick, Lisa Boyd, and Jody Potts, joined by the NCRSM presented a complaint with the Department of Justice Office for Civil Rights, against the School Board. The defendants have asked for a jury trial.

     Lawyers, other volunteers, letters of support, resolutions and position papers to build our case, and donations are needed. Please contact NCRSM at NCRSM-IL@home.com or crue@uiuc.edu or (217) 344-6928/355-6757.

The New Michigan Chapter Organizers:
Lisa McGeshick, Jody Potts and Lisa Boyd, with Wayne Crue (NCRSM-IL) wearing our new AIM T-shirt Design!
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