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Washington Redskins lose trademark and copyright protection on their racist mascot!!
Below is the cover page from the 145 page hallmark decision, cancelling the trademark and copyright protection for the derogatory use of the racially disparaging term "Redskins".  The decision is under appeal and we wait to see how this turns out. Congratulations to the plaintiffs and thank you for your courage in this fight!

The entire decision can be downloaded from the US Department of Commerce here (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
Suzan Shown Harjo; Raymond D. Apodaca; Vine Deloria, Jr.;
Norbert S. Hill, Jr.; Mateo Romero; William A. Means;
and Manley A. Begay, Jr.
Pro-Football, Inc.
Cancellation No. 21,069
to Registration Nos. 1,606,810; 1,085,092; 987,127;
986,668; 978,824; and 836,122 1
Michael A. Lindsay, Stephen R. Baird and Joshua J. Burke of
Dorsey & Whitney for petitioners.
John Paul Reiner, Robert L. Raskopf, Marc E. Ackerman,
Claudia T. Bogdanos and Lindsey F. Goldberg of White & Case
for respondent.
Before Sams, Cissel and Walters, Administrative Trademark

The Bottom Line

A song by Reverend Goat Carson, a blues singer and musician from New Orleans - it's called "Redskins".