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Atlanta "Braves" (Georgia)

Atlanta Baseball Racist Against Native People Every Day
    Atlanta Pitcher John Rocker's offensive comments about foreigners, minorities and homosexuals has caused quite a stir in Major League Baseball (MLB) and has drawn disciplinary action from Commissioner Bud Selig.
   The NCRSM commends Mr. Selig for his honest attempt to maintain high moral standards in the institution of baseball.  
       Though disciplinary action against Mr. Rocker (pitcher for the Atlanta team) is warranted, we maintain that his behavior is but a symptom of the racism sanctioned and encouraged by Major League Baseball with its Atlanta and Cleveland teams.  These teams use logos and names that present Native Americans as war prone cartoon characters locked in the past.

Click on the photo of Ted and Jane for video of NCRSM Executive Director Michael Haney amidst a sea of rubber tomahawks!   (4Mb MPEG)

     Elements sacred to Native peoples such as eagle feathers, ceremonial paint, music, and dance, are mocked by multitudes in orchestrated cheers during MLB games. We consider these practices a disrespectful infringement of our cultural, spiritual and intellectual property rights.
   Every major National organization representing Native Americans has asked for these uses of Native peoples and cultures to be stopped.  We think the time is right for MLB and the owners of the Cleveland and Atlanta baseball teams to consider this form of racism perpetrated under their auspices against Native peoples.  Similar use of other historically oppressed peoples would not be tolerated; we are simply asking to be accorded the same respect and dignity.
    If America's number one sport is truly to exemplify honor, respect and fair play, it must phase out Indian mascots and logos.
    Our message is clear:  the people represented by these caricatures find them demeaning, humiliating and a threat to our children's self-esteem.  
    The NCRSM is engaged in dialogue with MLB, Turner Broadcasting and Stan Kasten (Atlanta team President) regarding the sanctioning of Indian mascots/logos, educational/cultural sensitivity training efforts for the MLB, and ways these corporations can mitigate the damage they cause Indian people.

What can you do?

Write to these people and let them know what you think!

Ted Turner, Owner
Atlanta Braves
521 Capitol Ave. SW
Atlanta, GA 30312

Bud Selig, Commissioner
Major League Baseball
350 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10022

Atlanta baseball fans    Michael Haney and Henry Medosh during first inning of Atlanta baseball game Michael documenting hostile environment in Atlanta Stadium