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Florida State "Seminoles" (Florida)
    Another supposed institute of higher education using a racial mascot, "Chief Osceola", to promote school spirit and commercial gain.  
    Ironically, Osceola, while not actually a chief, was a symbol of resistance and a key leader of the Seminole people. He was captured by the US Army while under a "flag of truce" and died in 1838 while imprisoned at Fort Moultrie, South Carolina.

Check out the photos below to see the white male to Indian Chief "makeover"

What can you do?

Contact the American Indian Movement-Florida ( aimfl@aol.com) for an up to date calendar of events and demonstrations in your area.

Please visit the AIM-Florida site for additional information on current issues facing Native Americans today.
A basecoat application of red paint begins the process of racial conversion Making sure his wig is on straight, the remarkable transfiguration of a nineteen year old into a "warrior" and "Chief" is nearly complete The finished product- on his horse, symbolizing the courage and dignity of "his" people His people!
Michael and Vernon at a Florida State pregame demonstration A fan demonstrating what he has learned about Native Americans and respect from "Chief Osceola"