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University of Illinois press release ending the "Chief Illiniwek" performances

does America accept stereotypical images of native peoples but not other racial groups

What's wrong with this picture?

can we claim that we are anywhere close to racial justice and equality  when these images are so pervasive in our society

can you do if you are offended by these images and wish to speak out

"These caricatures and stereotypes are really intended as prisons of image insde each desperately grinning Cleveland Indian and each stoic Redskin Brave or Chief Illiniwek mascot there is someone we know. If you look hard and don't panic you begin to see the eyes and then the hearts of these despised relatives of ours who have been forced to lock their spirits away from themselves and from us.  I see our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, captured and forced into images they did not devise, doing hard time for all of us. We can liberate then by understanding this, and free ourselves."
Charlene Teters (Spokane), as modified from a quote from Alice Walker, after seeing a collection of stereoptypes of African-American people.

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