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     The American Indian Cultural Support organization is dedicated to preserving our various Nations sovereignty, legal rights, lands, and cultures.

     We do this in many ways, but one of those ways is to assist with making living conditions better. When we can, we supply food, clothing, school supplies, arts and crafts supplies in order to meet the minimum daily needs of existence and to encourage education/learning.

     Our continuing goals are to make the public aware of the needs of our people and the injustices which attempt to strip away our sovereignty, cultures and lands. To increase public awareness of demeaning Mascots used by the media and sports industry and to affect changes in these areas.

     We are currently seeking to make our organization a non-profit 501C(3). Having the non-profit status can open avenues for assistance that are closed to us without that status. We have incorporated as a "not for profit" corporation, and we are still in the process of getting the federal "non-profit" status.

     We can be reached by Email by clicking or by postal mail here;
American Indian Cultural Support (or simply AICS)
P.O. box 1783
Lutz, FL 33548
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