"Mark of the Stone"

Mark of the Stone©

by Rabiah Yazzie Seminole
Blue Horse Mukwa Publishing; ISBN: 0970777000

Book Description
     Mark of the Stone is a story of a young boys journey trying to learn the meaning of life. In the process he learns about the critical balance of all creation. Nathan the main character travels to another world to discover what we as human beings need to do in our world to undo damages done, not only to the enviroment but to ourselves as well. An adventure of love, faith, facing fears and truth. This book is American Indian written, published and printed. A story for young adults through the elderly. A message for all ages.

From the Author
     I wrote this book for my nephew Nathan while he was going through a divorce with his parents. He was having a very difficult time dealing with the divorce and was blaming himself. I thought if I wrote a book that children as well as adults could understand (he was ten) then maybe people would get the message that children hear everything.

     This book is an adventure for all that I feel will benefit whomever may read it. In the book Nathan has an eagle guide that talks to him and helps to show him the way, which Nathan will ultimately find for himself. In reality he did. Nathan passed into the other world at the very young age of 16. He was killed in a single car accident. I miss him and all he brought to this world. I hope his story brings good things to yours.

About the Author
     Rabiah Yazzie Seminole is Cherokee Indian. She resides in Chesapeake, Virginia with her family of dogs and horses. She has five horses, three of which are adopted elderly horses that will spend their remaining days on her farm. She believes that the old ones have as much to give as the young ones in all forms of life. Seminole owns and operates na-va'-kee American Indian Trading Post in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She earned her Masters Degree in Native Studies at SUNY Buffalo and worked on her Undergraduate Degree in Fine Arts at Norfolk State University.

     Rabiah is a teacher, acomplished artist, and writer for Environmental and American Indian issues. She is an active member of National AIM and is heavily involved in the American Indian community. Her Art and Activist/Environmental works have been published in National, Regional and International publications.

     Seminole is a Womens Traditional Buckskin Dancer and participates in many American Indian Festivals, Gatherings, and Pow Wows throughout the United States.

     She loves sharing American Indian Stories with children and the elderly.

     Some of her hobbies include horseback riding, hiking with her three dogs and wing walking on biplanes.

Excerpted from Mark of the Stone by Rabiah Yazzie Seminole. Copyright 2000. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved
     "The big old Oak that he had been sitting under was no where in sight. The sky was a brillant blue with giant white clouds. The trees that thickened the landscape were twisted and gnarled, looking like huge sculptures topped with lush, bushy foliage. Another mysterious thing about the trees, their roots were not in the ground. They were laying on top of the earth as though they could be moved around like pawns in a chess set. They looked like they could walk away from danger. He had never seen anything like this"

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