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a.k.a.Clyde Howard Bellecourt

is a member of the Mississippi Band of the Anishinabe Nations (Crane Clan) he was born May 8,1936.

1968: Founder, National Director of the American Indian Movement (AIM) in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1970: Founder for the Legal Rights Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Organizer, of the South High Housing Project now known as Little Earth of United Tribes, Inc.

1971: Founder and Chairman of Parent Board, AIM Survival School now known as Heart of The Earth Survival School (HOTESS).

1972: Coordinator, Trail of Broken Treaties to Washington D.C.
Negotiator, for the Twenty Point Solution Paper presented to the White House.

1973: Vice-President of the National Alliance Against Racism and Political Repression.

1974: Presenter of Challenges to the World Council of Churches and the first Indian to address the Council in its history-Montruax, Switzerland.

1975: Founder of the Federation of Native American Controlled Survival Schools. Advocate federation for 16 alternative schools for Indian Children in the United States and Canada. Chairman of the Board of Little Earth Housing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Selected by the Housing and Urban Development. AIM was selected as the prime sponsor.

1977: Representative for AIM at the first non-govermental Organizations hearings on discrimination of the Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere held at the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.

1978: National Coordinator for the Longest Walk, a 3,000 mile march from California to Washington,D.C. of Native Peoples protesting termination of legislation of Indian Treaties.

1979: Founder and President of American Indian Opportunities Industrialization Center (AIOIC), Minneapolis, Minnesota. The first Indian OIC (Job Training) in America.

1980: Founder and Chairman of the Circle for Survival Consortium, Minneapolis.

1989: Founder and Executive Director, Elaine M Statley Peacemaker Center, Youth Center providing services for youth struggling with gang activity.

1992: Founder, Common Ground/Farm and Save a Youth Organic Farm Project.

1991-1998: Spiritual Organizer and Leader, Gathering of the Sacred Pipes Sundance and International Elders and Youth Spiritual Gathering, Pipestone Quarries, Pipestone, Minnesota.

Clyde's business card
Clyde's business card

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