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Eagle Associates is a Native American consulting firm owned and operated by Dr. Eugene A. Begay, Sr., located on the Lac Court Oreilles (LCO) Ojibwe reservation in northern Wisconsin. The firm provides consultation on Tribal Government operations, federal and state legislative advocacy, and Reservation business development, including gaming. Services include research, training, technical assistance, evaluation, and fund raising in legislation, government programs, and private enterprise. Dr. Begay is a formidable and dynamic speaker on culture, history, and contemporary Native American affairs. He also provides consultation on Native American culture, spirituality, and the Ojibwe language.

Gene Begay was born and raised on the LCO Reservation where he lives and practices the Ojibwe traditional way of life. He possesses undergraduate education in Mechanical Engineering, graduate training in business and economic development, and holds an honorary Doctor of Laws Degree, which recognizes his many years of practice in the field of American Indian law. He has been professionally employed as an executive by a federal Indian agency, an Inter-Tribal Indian organization, a private foundation, and as a design engineer in building construction. He has served as an elected member of his Tribal Council. Resume available.

Dr. Begay is the Principal Associate of his firm, Eagle Associates. The firm includes other professional Associates in business development, legal affairs, Indian gaming, Indian education, and architecture/construction. These Associates work with Dr. Begay on the firm's projects, but are otherwise professionally employed in the field of Native American affairs. Resumes available.

The services of Eagle Associates may be negotiated in the firm's office or elsewhere at the convenience of the inquiree. Gene may be reached at his office, located at his residence, seven days a week as may be necessary. If unavailable, his secretary or a family member can handle your call or let you know where he can be reached immediately. Fees range from $300/day ($40/hour) to $600/day ($75/hour), depending upon the status of the client, class of work, and location. These fees do not include 15% general overhead and administration, and $15/hour for actual time spent on the project by the firm's secretary. Fees are payable monthly, based on related time involved and actual work performed. Receipted expenses for travel, lodging, meals, and related costs are reimbursable monthly against an estimated retainer. A detailed activity/progress report will be submitted monthly along with the billing. Speaking engagements are billed at $500 plus reimbursement of expenses for travel, lodging, meals, and required registration or attending costs. A schedule of fees is available.

*** Eagle Associates is dedicated to strengthening tribal government and communities by working with resources in Federal/State government, legislative bodies, private funding resources, institutions of higher education, Indian organizations, and business enterprises. 03/01/00

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