Due to the following legal threats from Mr. Greenburg, the Bob letter is deleted

Subject: http://www.aics.org/bobltr.html
From: power4u
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 09:14:40 -0600
To: Mike@aics.org

please remove the link that is listed here


or you may face legal consequences. i have requested this several
times with no response. i am now demanding that you remove this
libelous defamation.

this issue has been resolved, i did my time in jail and the
accusations by linda and leo (which are not true and that the mendota
dakota have apoloigized for, as well as linda and leo) are causing me
problems in finding employment.

this is an urgent matter and i expect a response.

in anticipation,

bob greenberg

---------------------------- end of email ------------------------

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