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Camp Justice
Date: March 14, 2000
From: Camp Justice, Organizers, Leaders and Supporters of: "Camp Justice" and The "March for Justice" to White Clay, Nebraska
Contact: Spokesman: Tom Poor Bear, Camp Justice Leader, Sergeant at Arms "Serving the Oglala Lakota Oyate" 605-867-5821 or 605-462-6302
Assistant Spokespeople: Tom Clifford, Loren Black Elk
Camp Justice, c/o Tom Poor Bear, P.O. Box 823, Pine Ridge SD 57770
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March 11th marked the 39th week of "March for Justice" to White Clay, Nebraska and the establishment of Camp Justice. We are still waiting for many answers, written responses and actions we have requested from officials in the past.

In Rushville, Nebraska, on Friday, March 17, at 9:00 am nine of our warriors for Truth and Justice will be expected to appear before Sheridan County Judge Charles Plantz, to enter their plea as defendants arrested for trespassing into White Clay, Nebraska on July 3, 1999.

I hereby state that in representation of Camp Justice organizers and supporters, and in protection of the Oglala Oyate, I will not answer, I will remain silent. I urge the other defendants to remain silent when asked if their plea is guilty or not guilty.

We, Camp Justice, will not answer to this Judge who will not honor the Federal Traditional treaties established and in place to protect our people. We will not answer to Sheridan County, Nebraska, a place where many have bullied and intimidated us. A place where we were arrested and charges were placed against us on our own land, as we were trying to act in peaceful protest for the protection of our people.

We will not answer to those who would not allow our Spiritual Leaders the respect of organizing a peaceful demonstration during the second White Clay march for Justice, where officials sent in riot police with tear gas, snipers, attack dogs, and who blocked our way into White Clay instead of lining their forces in front of the liquor establishments they state they were protecting.

We will not answer to these people who spread rumors for media attention indicating that the July 3rd protest march would be violent, even though our Spiritual leaders and security team leaders assured them that they were organizing the 2nd march on July 3rd and that it was to be totally different from the violence and vandalism conducted by a few local people during the first march. Many human rights advocates had been invited when the media and officials released "More Violence Feared at White Clay Protest."

We will not answer to a state where the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission does not recognize letters of protest or those who grant liquor licenses to White Clay, Nebraska businesses which will result in the continuance of the suffering and sickness of our people.

We will not answer to those against us who continue to let White Clay exploit and harm our people. We will not answer to those of Sheridan County who forced us into protest in the first place by not caring enough for our people to act upon or pleas for help years before the protests had to be implemented.

We do not recognize a government or State or government who does not recognize the inherent rights of our Traditional people by honoring the Lakota nations moral and legal rights under the Federal Treaty of 1868 signed by both our nations, an agreement in writing, bonded and to be protected by Federal law and honor by the people of the United States of America.

I urge supporters to stand with us in Rushville, Nebraska on Friday, as we continue to stand strong on behalf of our people.

Our warriors who protested and were arrested for doing so, acted in sovereignty on behalf of the Lakota Oyate by crossing through Law enforcement lines to enter White Clay, Nebraska, per agreement with officials beforehand. White Clay legally belongs to the Oglala Lakota.

Meanwhile, Camp Justice attention is still drawn to the unsolved murders of Wally Black Elk and Ronnie Hard Heart our two Lakota brothers who were found dead, brutally beaten and mutilated a few feet from the Nebraska/South Dakota border on June 8th, 1999. It was in their honor, and because of all the other unsolved murders and injustices against our people, that Camp Justice and the March for Justice to White Clay, Nebraska was established.

Charles Abourezk, of Abourezk Law Firm in Rapid City, South Dakota informed us that Sammy Toineeta, who is a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and the only Native American currently working at the National Council of Churches in New York City, has scheduled for a group of Native American church leaders from around the country representing various Protestant denominations, the most progressive ones, to come out to South Dakota to investigate and look in to the various deaths and murders.

The group will be here March 24, 25, and 26. They have been invited to join the March for Justice walk to White Clay on Saturday, March 25th. A big turnout is expected. Many in this group were around helping us during the Wounded Knee Occupation times.

Members of Camp Justice are still assisting with security and supplies to help and protect the Sacred Canupa and Grass Roots elders occupying the Red Cloud Tribal Building. We thank all supporters who have been sending food and supplies to Camp Justice and the Grass Roots oyate.

Camp Justice will continue to stand united and strong in our efforts to obtain the justice and accountability our nation deserves and expects.

In the Spirit of Human & Civil Justice,

Tom Poor Bear, Spokesperson, Camp Justice e-mail network - Written and Presented on behalf of: Camp Justice Organizers, Volunteers and millions of Supporters protecting the Lakota Nation.

Camp Justice & March for Justice Organizers:
Spokesperson: Tom Poor Bear.
Asst. Spokespeople: Tom Clifford, Loren Black Elk
Elder Spokespersons: Chief Oliver Red Cloud, Johnson Holy Rock,
Legal Spokesperson: Jerry Matthews, NSBA, 155517,
Other Organizers:
Ben Black Elk, Wayne Black Elk, Reggie & Faye Cedar Face, Ede Sherman,
Dave Clifford, June Little, Alberta Black Bear, Chaz Little Bear,
Moses Thunder Hawk, Lloyd Fire Thunder, Billy & Rose Beane, Robin Mesteth,
Webster Poor Bear, Tony Brave, Lyman Red Cloud, Guy George Janis,
Tuck LeBeau, Steve Little Sky, Vicky Thunder Hawk, Gary Moore,
Sandra Matchen, Mike Wicks, Kathy Morning Star, Natasha Laflin and
AIM leaders: AIM Arizona, Clyde Bellecourt, Vernon Bellecourt and Dennis Banks.

Send Letters of Support, Donations and Supplies to:

Camp Justice                                    Camp Justice
c/o Tom Poor Bear                           c/o Fay Cedar Face (packages)
P.O. Box 823                                   200 Eastridge Rd
Pine Ridge, South Dakota 57770       Pine Ridge, SD 57770

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