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From: Mike Wicks <>

From: Camp Justice, Organizers, Leaders and Supporters of: "Camp Justice" and the "March for Justice" to White Clay, Nebraska
Date: April 24, 2000
Contact: Spokesman: Tom Poor Bear, Camp Justice Leader, Sergeant at Arms "Serving the Oglala Lakota Oyate" 605-867-5821 or 605-462-6302
Assistants: Tom Clifford, Loren Black Elk
Address: Camp Justice, c/o Tom Poor Bear, P.O. Box 823, Pine Ridge SD 57770


April 22nd marked the 45th week of the "March for Justice" to White Clay, Nebraska and the establishment of Camp Justice.

We are still waiting for many answers, and written responses, along with formal actions we have requested from numerous duly elected and appointed officials in the past 45 plus weeks.

Due to severe weather, the warriors for justice, who are charged with failure to comply with a lawful order by crossing into White Clay, Nebraska on July 3, 1999 to protest against unsolved murders, liquor sales and to reclaim White Clay have been rescheduled to appear before Judge Charles Plantz in Sheridan County Court in Rushville NB on Wednesday, (May 3rd) at 1:00pm, where Judge Plantz is expected to rule on motions in the case.

The defendants have filed a motion for discovery, dismissal and/or a change of venue. Volunteers are conducting a telephone poll in Rushville, Hay Spring and Gordon, Nebraska to collect evidence of racism. The intent of the poll is to show the court that we do not believe the defendants will receive a fair and just trial in Sheridan County, therefore the trial should be moved to another area

Last month, elected council people of the Oglala Sioux Tribe voted to pass a resolution asking that the tribe to be named as plaintiffs to a lawsuit in Federal Court in order to determine the Jurisdiction and sovereignty of the tribe over certain lands in Nebraska, which lands are in and near the village of White Clay, Nebraska.

Camp Justice has requested that the resolution be amended to also include the tribe hire an attorney and pay the defendants legal expenses. Most disappointing and disrespectful is that there has been no legal council meeting in weeks, no word or support from any claimed leadership, however, business, check writing and news release postings continue on behalf of the oyate. We feel that all leadership should show and have respect and compassion for our people in need of help and support.

Last month, Governor Bill Janklow showed everyone his true self when asked what he thought about the South Dakota Civil Rights report. He refused to even read the report, yet he said the federal report submitted by the United States Civil Rights Commission is "garbage" and was quoted saying, "I’m sick of these people that badmouth MY state."

Governor Janklow’s statement shows his total disrespect against the victims, their families, those who testified, and all those who live within "OUR" state boundaries. His long history of aggressions against our people has been repeatedly documented. The special interest groups in control have been the decay indicative of his spoils...and he has served them well. His administration has long been accused of perpetrating bigotry, unfairness, misinformation, underreporting of statistics and many examples of suppression and oppression. His personal history also includes behaviors that included acts of aggression against our native population.

Governor Janklow’s statement in regards to the commission report investigating years of social injustice, obstructions of civil liberties, and the deaths, have been indicative of the climate of South Dakota since the seventies. Labeling a commission sanctioned by the government that he has sworn to serve just proves what we have been saying all along about his non-caring, arrogant and prejudicial attitude toward our people.

For the record, Camp Justice now asks for his resignation immediately, on behalf of all native people. According to law, this is his last term in office. It is time for all people to learn all that they can about this man. It is time for the people on our homelands to lead a new generation to accountability...where we can once again walk a land of honor. Governor Janklow has long kept alive the "goon mentality" of the seventies and sixties. His era is over. It is now the children's legacy ...and it is the responsibility of all of see that justice is served.

Still, Camp Justice organizers have not received answers from agent to Paul McCabe of the Minneapolis FBI Field office in regards to a retraction of his statement that "there are less than ten unsolved deaths since 1973." Several times we have submitted names of nearly 100 unsolved, and mostly uninvestigated deaths that need to be addressed. Mr. McCabe continues to ignore us.

Meanwhile, the primary attention of Camp Justice continues to be focused upon the unsolved murders of Wally Black Elk and Ron Hard Heart - our two Lakota brothers who were found dead. Brutally beaten and mutilated a few feet from the Nebraska/South Dakota border on June 8th, 1999. It was in their honor, and because of all the other unsolved murders, and the uncountable injustices against our people, that Camp Justice, and the "March for Justice" to White Clay, Nebraska was established.

Camp Justice and members of AIM are sponsoring a walk, giveaway, memorial dinner and festivities in honor of Ron & Wally, and other deaths that have occurred throughout our nation. The event will be held on Saturday, June 10th at 10:00am beginning at Billy Mills Hall. Many advocates, including AIM leadership and advocate John Trudell, have shown commitment to attend. Those who help with the funding of this event will be acknowledged in a memorial handout at the event. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Please send donations as soon as possible. We need to purchase a buffalo, food and giveaway items. Expense money is needed. A mason has committed to build a rock memorial to honor Ron and Wally, and to remember the other deaths. The memorial wall will be built near Camp Justice where Ron and Wally were found and it will be unveiled after the walk to White Clay. Your help is desperately needed to make this honor event successful. More information and a flyer will be available toward the end of the week.

The Grateful Dead is sponsoring a concert in Ft Wayne, Indiana on May 26th and has invited Camp Justice supporters to attend. There will be a Camp Justice table for information and a song for Camp Justice will be dedicated during the event. Tom Poor Bear would like to attend if funding is available. If you can help with this or the memorial please send support money to the address below as soon as possible.

Additionally, members of Camp Justice are continuing to assist with security and support to help protect the Sacred Cannupa and Grass Roots elders and families occupying the Red Cloud Tribal Building to address issues of much corruption in Pine Ridge.

Camp Justice will continue to stand United and Strong in our efforts to obtain the Justice and Accountability our nation deserves and expects.

In the Spirit of Human & Civil Justice,

Camp Justice

Tom Poor Bear, Spokesperson, Camp Justice Written and Presented on behalf of: Camp Justice Organizers, Volunteers and millions of Supporters protecting the Lakota Nation.

White Clay Protesters arrested on July 3, 1999 for standing strong for justice: Russell Means, 59, of Porcupine, S.D.; Benedict "Bennie" Black Elk, 36, Pine Ridge, S.D.; former Oglala Sioux Tribal President John Steele, 52, Manderson, S.D.; Gary Moore, 36, Pine Ridge; Thomas Poor Bear, 44, Wanblee, S.D.; and Frank LaMere, 49, South Sioux City; Webster Poor Bear, 49, Wanblee, S.D; Allen Sheppard, 23, of Minneapolis, and Vaughn Lodge, 22, address unknown.

Camp Justice & March for Justice Lakota Oyate Organizers: Spokesperson: Tom Poor Bear.

Asst. Spokespersons: Tom Clifford, Loren Black Elk Elder Spokespersons: Chief Oliver Red Cloud, Johnson Holy Rock,

Ben Black Elk, Wayne Black Elk, Reggie & Faye Cedar Face, Ede Sherman, Dave Clifford, June Little, Alberta Black Bear, Chaz Little Bear, Moses Thunder Hawk, Lloyd Fire Thunder, Billy & Rose Beane, Robin Mesteth, Webster Poor Bear, Tony Brave, Lyman Red Cloud, Guy George Janis, Tuck LeBeau, Steve Little Sky, Vicky Thunder Hawk, Gary Moore, Sandra Matchen.

Legal Advisors: Jerry Matthews, NSBA, 155517, Charles Abourezk, Native American Rights Fund

Sponsors/Advisors: Mike Wicks, Kathy Morning Star, Natasha Laflin AIM leaders: AIM Arizona, Clyde Bellecourt, Vernon Bellecourt & Dennis Banks.

Send Letters of Support, Donations and Supplies to:

Camp Justice                                    Camp Justice
c/o Tom Poor Bear                           c/o Fay Cedar Face (packages)
P.O. Box 823                                   200 Eastridge Rd
Pine Ridge, South Dakota 57770       Pine Ridge, SD 57770


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