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From: Camp Justice, Organizers, Leaders and Supporters of: "Camp Justice" and the "March for Justice" to White Clay, Nebraska
Date: May 1, 2000
Contact: Spokesman: Tom Poor Bear, Camp Justice Leader/Organizer, 605-462-6302 "Serving the Oglala Lakota Oyate" - Sergeant at Arms
Assistants: Tom Clifford, Loren Black Elk
Address: Camp Justice, c/o Tom Poor Bear, P.O. Box 823, Pine Ridge SD 57770


Tom Poor Bear, Lakota Oglala Oyate Leader of Camp Justice, recently extended an invitation for friends and supporters to join the Camp Justice memorial activities scheduled for June 10, 2000. A Prayer Ceremony is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. at Billy Mills Hall, (located across the street from Big Bat's)in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, followed by a Walk to White Clay, Nebraska at 11:00 a.m.

A Buffalo Feast and Giveaway will begin at noon, followed by the unveiling of a rock memorial monument honoring Wilson "Wally" Black Elk Jr. and Ron Hard Heart. Speakers will be announced at a later date. AIM leadership and many advocates, including John Trudell have shown commitment to attend.

Camp Justice and the weekly Walks for Justice to White Clay were established nearly a year ago, shortly after Wally Black Elk and Ron Hard Heart were brutally beaten, mutilated and found dead near the Nebraska/South Dakota border almost a year ago on June 8, 1999, in addition to almost 100 other unsolved deaths in and around the nation lands. Camp Justice's purpose and commitment is to demand non-violent public accountability and satisfactory explanations of these and other injustices, to prevent exploitation of human and civil rights on behalf of the Lakota people, and to provide resources and assistance to the Lakota Oglala Oyate.

Camp Justice is also actively involved in protesting the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission's decision to continue issuing liquor licenses in White Clay, Nebraska, which continues to be a source of destruction and exploitation of the Lakota People, and is in direct defiance of existing Treaties and Presidential Orders. President Chester A. Arthur issued an Executive Order in 1882 to protect Native Americans from traveling to White Clay to sell or barter goods for alcohol. In addition, there were two more Executive Orders that pertained to White Clay: both signed by President Theodore Roosevelt in January and February of 1904 The group is seeking to have White Clay returned to the Oglala Lakota.

Camp Justice also continues to assist and provide security for the Lakota Oglala Grass Roots Oyate currently occupying the Red Cloud Tribal Building on the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. The Grateful Dead is sponsoring a concert in Ft Wayne, Indiana on May 26th and has invited Camp Justice supporters to attend. There will be a Camp Justice table for information and a song for Camp Justice will be dedicated during the event.

For more information on these events, or to help provide support and/or supplies to Camp Justice, contact Tom Poor Bear at 605-462-6302.

Please mail correspondence and donations to:

Camp Justice                                    Camp Justice
c/o Tom Poor Bear                           c/o Fay Cedar Face (packages)
P.O. Box 823                                   200 Eastridge Rd
Pine Ridge, South Dakota 57770       Pine Ridge, SD 57770

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Note: This information from Camp Justice belongs to all people and should be distributed to newspapers and community for article or editorial consideration immediately, Signed by Camp Justice Organizers & Supporters.
Printable Flyer for June 10th, 2000


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