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The following are words from Tom Poor Bear. The words were originally submitted to the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council District Chairpersons. As we are all well aware, the Tribal government is experiencing some very challenging political times right now. They were unable to offer any assistance due to that fact. We would like to pass these same words on to our many supporters to ask them to help make the memorial to Wally Black Elk Jr. and Ronald Hard Heart a memorable event. Tom also wrote a letter to the National Council of Churches, who have been most encouraging in meetings about working with Camp Justice on justice issues. For that letter, see;

Tom's words.

On June 8th, 1999 Wally and Ron were brutally beaten and Murdered in White Clay, Nebraska. On June 26, 1999 myself, family, friends, and other community members established Camp Justice and began marching to White Clay every Saturday.

Our goals have remained consistent throughout the past year:

     o   Keep the pressure on local, state and federal law enforcement to solve the murders of Wally and Ron.

     o   Maintain a physical and spiritual presence at Camp Justice to ensure that no other beatings or murders would occur.

     o   Create a public awareness campaign within our tribe, the state, and on a national level regarding the issues of the disparity of justice that exists for our Lakota people, the criminal activity that is occuring in White Clay; i.e. underage drinking, prostitution, assults, deaths from drunk driving, thefts, and murders.

Myself and the other organizers at Camp Justice strive to work in a good way with the media, the Commission on Civil Rights, National Council of Churches, and hundreds of other peace, social, justice, church and political organizations, and some international organizations as well.

On a personal note, I have committed myself to finding who murdered Wally and Ron if it takes the rest of my life. In the traditional way of our people, Camp Justice will be hosting a memorial ceremony, feast, and giveaway on June 10, 2000. We not only want to honor Wally and Ron's memory, but thank all of our relatives here and across the country who have camped, marched, prayed, and worked in their communities to bring attention to the issues surrounding Wally and Ron's murder.

At this time, I am submitting a request to you for any type of monetary donation to assist with the expenses of the food and ceremony. We are expecting up to 500 people to attend. Any help you can provide to us will be greatly appreciated.

In the Spirit of Unity
(signed) Tom Poor Bear
Tom Poor Bear
Camp Justice Coordinator

Please mail correspondence and donations to:

Camp Justice                                    Camp Justice
c/o Tom Poor Bear                           c/o Fay Cedar Face (packages)
P.O. Box 823                                   200 Eastridge Rd
Pine Ridge, South Dakota 57770       Pine Ridge, SD 57770

For more information on these events, or to help provide support and/or supplies to Camp Justice, contact Tom Poor Bear at 605-462-6302.


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