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Tom called today to let us know how the Memorial went and to update us.

The memorial and march to White Clay took place on Saturday, with a couple of hundred participants. Besides the marchers, there was a convoy of several cars and trucks. Although the Nebraska State police head man had said there would be no riot police, he simply kept his riot police down the street and not in the town of White Clay. They weren't far away! Tom invited the man to come back to Camp Justice and see people as they prayed for Ron and Wally, as they prayed for the families, as they prayed for all their people, and see that there is no reason for the racist attitudes. Tom also sends a special "thank you" to those who contributed to help with the feast and the giveaway, it was very much appreciated. Kathy and I wish to add our own "thank you" as well. Tom is very tired from all the preparations for the memorial, but things went well.

We also discussed the future of Camp Justice. Tom has worked non-stop for a year on this issue, but is still committed to keeping the camp occupied until the murderer(s) of Ron and Wally are brought to justice. I told him we would continue to help in any way we can.

Tom has been weighing the situation of continuing internet postings for Camp Justice due to the distractions and problems that continually seem to need to be addressed with people, who instead of being united behind the struggle, are attacking others or complaining about not receiving enough gratitude or praise. He did say that he might consider just producing an occassional release/update, and fax it to individuals to post or distribute. If Tom does decide to do occassional releases/updates I will continue to post these as he sends them to me. Kathy and I personally support Tom and what he is trying to achieve, and he is appreciative that we will continue to do what we can to assist.

One of the things we can do has already been suggested, write to politicians everywhere and ask them why this injustice is allowed to happen AGAIN. Let's get this part organized, and do some letter writing. Ask why the FBI only admits to "maybe ten" unsolved deaths in South Dakota, when the number is closer to 100. The numbers are documented on the following web pages.

The memorial, the monument, the feast, the giveaway, all cost Tom a lot of money that was not covered by the donations he received. There are also a couple of new families occupying Camp Justice in support now. Additional people that must be fed, as they have joined the family of the camp. We need to dig deep and try to help Tom right now. Let's not let financial problems discourage him in this very important issue.

Please send what you can to;
Camp Justice                                    Camp Justice
c/o Tom Poor Bear                           c/o Fay Cedar Face (packages)
P.O. Box 823                                    200 Eastridge Rd
Pine Ridge, South Dakota 57770       Pine Ridge, SD 57770

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