Eyewitness account of the first march

Subject: Mi-gwetch
    Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 13:09:53 -0600

Bozhoo aineens

RED DAWN here.  I just wanted to thank everyone who sent all the prayers
and spiritual support for me and my friend John Old Horse for our trip to
whiteclay,NE and Pine Ridge, SD.  We had some interesting developments
that occured while we were there.  There were approximately 1500 people
who marched.  The way things happened are not as bad as the news reports
state happened.  Remember, my kolas, I was there.  The American Indian
Movement is not fully responsible for what happened.  I can tell you from
a eyewitness account, that those reported incidents were started from a
people who were continously oppressed.  People who are fed up with how
they are being treated in that town, and just did not want to take it any
more.  That was how they vented their anger.
I must further add that the rally inside Billy Mills Hall in Pine Ridge
was the most rewarding experience of my life.  The sense of brotherhood
and friendship was throughout the hall.  It was definately a good day to
be Indigenous.  There was speeches and testimonials about the incidents.
The niece of Wilson "Wally" Black Elk was so overcome with emotion, that
she could not speak.  She was actually the last person to see him the day
he disappeared.
We marched to the spot where their shattered, broken bodies were
discovered.  The area is in a ravine and the grass is thigh high.  I must
say that the grass where they have lain has died.  It is not as green as
the grass around it is.  That is Tunkasila's way of saying something has
happened there that was not natural and that it was bad.  I felt too sad
to stay there. I said a little prayer for the men, and their families.
I could not post any information until today.  I have no pc at my home.  I
have to wait until I get to work in order to post anything.  I'm a poor
Anishinabe/Meskwaki woman and have to rely on my place of employment to
read my emails and news from this bulletin.  I will type up my friends'
statement from the Rocky Mountain news or maybe ya'll can look it up at
the Rocky Mountain News website.  The article appears in todays Rocky.
He and I have did a radio interview on KUVO 98.3 radio in Denver on the
Sunday that we returned.  Call or email KUVO in Denver, if they have
transcripts of the interview email at alternativevoice@juno.com or call
Suzanne Aikman at 303-447-8442.  He will be on KBCO tomorrow morning at
8:00am MDT commenting on the incident in whiteclay and Pine Ridge.
We will go to whiteclay for the meetings on Saturday July 3, 1999.  The
governor has been requested to be there (as ya'll have read) and we will
be there to support this issue.
Please keep sending the http:// sites that contain the news articles from
the Omaha, Lincoln, and other rags so I could keep informed of this issue.
Mi-gwetch aineens
RED DAWN  in Denver

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