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Subject: >>>> CAMP JUSTICE <<<< 7-20-99
       Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 18:19:11 -0400
       From: Mike Wicks <>
Organization: American Indian Cultural Support
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From: Mike Wicks <>
Official update from the Oglala Lakota organizers of CAMP JUSTICE.
                        >>>> CAMP JUSTICE <<<<
                        For immediate release
                            July 20, 1999

CAMP JUSTICE, Oglala Lakota Nation, South Dakota:

-On July 4, 1999, the Oglala Lakota Nation declared it's independence with
the development of CAMP JUSTICE.  16 days later, the encampment remains;
gaining National and International support and recognition in it's efforts
to find justice for the Oglala Lakota Oyate (people).

-CAMP JUSTICE will continue to exist until justice is served and our demands
are met with Federal and Nebraska state officials.  The CAMP and the WALK FOR
JUSTICE are reminders to the Nation and the State of Nebraska that we must not
forget the brutal murders that have taken place in and around White Clay,
         Wally Black Elk, Ron Hard Heart, Martin Young Bull Bear, Francis
         Thunder Hawk, Rich Big Crow, Little John Means, Thomas Twiss, Don
         Bordeaux, Dennis Cross, Raymond Yellow Thunder, and others.

-Representatives for CAMP JUSTICE provided the Federal and state officials
with the following list of demands for justice:
        1. Demand a full and complete investigation on all human and civil rights
           violations which have occurred in Sheridan County, NE since the legalized
           hanging of Lakota people ceased, to the present day murders of Martin
           Bull Bear, Ron Hard Heart, Wally Black Elk, Little John Means, and many

        2. Immediate closure of all alcohol establishments in White Clay until a license
           is issued by the Secretary of the Interior or his representative.  See 1904
           Presidential Executive Order.

        3. Return of original designated Pine Ridge Agency lands (which includes
           White Clay, NE) as noted in the 1868 Treaty with the U.S. Government.

        4. Creation of a permanent Civil Rights Office in Sheridan County, NE to
           address human and civil rights violations against indigenous Lakota

        5. Immediate removal of Sheridan County Sheriff Terry Robbins for cover-up
           of Deputy Randy Metcalf's criminal activities against indigenous Lakota

        6. Establish a law requiring data collection on all traffic stops to
           include state, county, and municipal law enforcement to record the race
           of every motorist they stop.  See North Carolina law.

-On July 10, 1999, on the WALK FOR JUSTICE, eviction notices were posted on four
alcohol establishments and 1 grocery store in the controversial village of White Clay,
NE.  Treaty law states that alcohol cannot be sold within the proximity of an Indian
Agency.  Pine Ridge Agency is a dry reservation.  To date, there are 20 days left to
vacate the premises.  Appropriate measures will be taken if these business owners
fail to comply.  Organizers are calling for an ECONOMIC BOYCOTT of Nebraska retailers
until demands are met.

-Recently, rumors indicated that CAMP JUSTICE was shutting down.  On the contrary,
the Camp will remain until justice prevails!  Additionally, organizers say they
will continue the WALK FOR JUSTICE every Saturday until justice is served.

-This release will serve as an open invitation encouraging all Spiritual Leaders,
Clergymen, Alcohol/Drug Treatment/Prevention Programs, OST Dept. of Public Safety,
OST Council Representatives, concerned citizens of Nebraska, M.A.D.D., etc. to
join the WALK FOR JUSTICE to bring national awareness of the ethnic cleansing that
is taking place in this border town called White Clay, NE.  The next march is
scheduled for July 24, 1999 at Bill Mills Hall in Pine Ridge Village.  The march
will begin at 12:00 p.m. followed by a peaceful rally in White Clay, NE.

For more information, contact Dale Looks Twice or Floyd Hand at (605) 867-5762

CAMP JUSTICE internet/email Liaison
Mike Wicks

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