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Subject: <<<< CAMP JUSTICE >>>> 8/11/2000
       Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 15:32:26 -0400
       From: Mike Wicks <>
Organization: American Indian Cultural Support
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I talked with Tom for a short time today.  He said, last weekend that Camp
Justice had a visit of about 60 motorcyclists who had organized a ride from
Sturgis to Camp Justice.  They spent the day at the camp and talked about
the problems, and the reasons for the camp.  Lots of support for the justice
being sought.  Their interest and support was very much appreciated.  While
they also said they would plan to do the same thing next year, Camp Justice
and Tom, expressed the hope that justice for Ron and Wally would be be found
before then and someone would be in jail by then.

While speaking about this justice issue, Tom mentioned that the FBI agent in
charge of the investigation into Ron and Wally's deaths, has retired.  Yet
another complication in what I personally feel has been a rather inept and
poorly conducted investigation.  Although the FBI has increased the reward
amount being offered for information about these deaths, I have seen no
positive information or words of encouragement from the FBI.

The trials for the men arrested a year ago for crossing the strip of yellow
tape stretched across the road into White Clay, will begin August 30th.  Tom
had asked to be tried first, since he was the organizer of the marches and
of Camp Justice, and that the others were present because he had asked for
their support.  The judge has decided to try Russell Means first however.
Tom's trial will begin following that.  Probably September 6th or 7th.
There will be a lot of traveling back and forth, and other expenses like
meals and motel bills, phone bills, etc.  Anyone who can help with a few
dollars is urged to send it to Tom at; Camp Justice, c/o Tom Poor Bear,
P.O. Box 823, Pine Ridge, South Dakota 57770.  Pre-paid phone cards are
also needed.

Tom will also be taking his son back to Minneapolis very soon for the
operation on the boy's arm.  He was scheduled to have the operation last
month, but when they got to the hospital, a rash of some sort (poison ivy
perhaps) had broken out on the boy's back and shoulder, so they postponed
the operation.  

In struggle,

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