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Subject: CAMP JUSTICE 10/08/1999
       Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 22:58:09 -0400 (EDT)
       From: Mike Wicks <>
Organization: American Indian Cultural Support
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From: Mike Wicks <>
Official "Camp Justice" Update, which is authorized to be used as a News Article
or Special Report and to be posted and networked to all Camp Justice Web sites,
media and Lakota supporters in all Nations.
From: Organizers, Leaders and Supporters of : "Camp Justice" and the "March for
Justice" to White Clay, Nebraska

     Contact: Tom Poor Bear; Camp Justice Leader, Sargent at Arms, Oglala Sioux
     Tribe, serving the Oglala Lakota Oyate, 605-867-5821

                        FOR IMMEDIATE NEWS RELEASE

     Justice Camp Supporters vow to Continue to seek Justice

Tom Poor Bear and the organizers of Camp Justice send greetings to our many
supporters and organizations from around the World who been holding vigil over
Native American communities and the Lakota Nation as we openly assert our Human
and Civil rights for Justice for our people, rights guaranteed to us by the people
of the United States of America under Treaty and Constitutional Laws in effect,
within the boarders of America.

While the eyes of the world have been upon us, Lakota have made great strides in
uniting people to form "Justice Camps" and "Justice Walks" being setup in areas
where people are in denial of the injustices and racism that exists against our
people. From the beginning, we have been saying that the double standard judicial
system that exists everywhere here, is especially double in regards to our people.
We see the judicial system that is currently in place for our people, is totally
against our Spirituality, our Human, Civil and Treaty rights. We do not see where
people in this county benefit from such a system.

Throughout our nation, we have been calling World attention to the many, many
injustices against and lack of support for us in regards to spiritual,
environmental, health, education, social, judicial, business, economics, political
and race relation issues affecting us and our future generations. We are telling
Americans that we have great concern for indigenous people, and do not tolerate the
"not in my backyard" attitude being displayed.

Until we started putting out our distress calls, carrying our Medicine Wheel
spiritual symbol first, followed by our flags, including carrying an upside down US
Flag, people were not acting upon our SOS calls as America continues to force us
into poverty, into their material and spiritual ways.

The messages and proof of our accusations have been clear and people are starting
to listen, including people who have been against us, exploiting and causing
trouble for us. Some who are allowed to make their living to protect us and our
rights for years are now finding themselves on the "Hot Seat" front and center.

The Warrior Spirit, of protecting life and all that is good, is awakening not only
in our own people, but many others as well.

On October 16 we will mark the 18th weekend of "March for Justice" to White Clay,
Nebraska. World attention is drawn to the unsolved murders of Wally Black Elk and
Ronnie Hard Heart, These two Lakota men were found dead, brutally beaten and
mutilated a few feet from the Nebraska/South Dakota border.

The World is watching as Nebraska, South Dakota, FBI, BIA, Federal and Tribal
Officials are attempting to apprehend a murderer(s), people who are freely walking
among us today. Camp Justice organizer, Tom Poor Bear states that all suspects have
been eliminated and the officials have increased the reward to a mere $20,000. That
calculates $3,333.33 per each of these organizations assigned, which comes to
$1,666.67 per victim.

Tom reports that although he has not heard from the FBI in two weeks, the families
and friends have not received a report from the investigators as to proof and
explanation as to why the suspects have been cleared, nor have they received
answers regarding pervious leads from the community.

Tom and supporters have been meeting daily with people and organizations in
districts throughout the Pine Ridge homelands. Our people are showing us that they
are committed to our agenda to seek justice, unity and equality.

Within the last several months, Camp Justice supporters have participated in, and
supported all the Walks for Justice, including the most recent walk to the Oglala
tribal building, organized by the Grey Eagle Society, to help them gather support
from the entire tribal community.

Members of the tribal council and staff have said they will place Camp Justice
issues and concerns on the agenda at their next council meeting starting Oct 25th,
and that they are now in full support of our efforts and say they are committed to
actively join in our struggles. They have vowed to use their resources to help us
strive for unity and justice.

Camp Justice supporters, tribal President Harold Salway and a delegation will meet
with Attorney General Janet Reno later this month to discuss the investigations of
our unsolved murders and the White Clay issue. Hopefully they will get to address
the many judicial problems our people face.

On Oct 11-15th Camp Justice supporters plan to be represented at the United Native
Nations (UNN) Five day Legislative Assembly to be held at DQ University, Davis,
California, USA. DQ University is an Indigenous University and has invited people
who want to do something to bring about a positive change for Indigenous Peoples.
For further information: 530-406-1030 or Web Site: Or

A rally and march from the La Framboise Island Camp to the State Capital building
in Pierre South Dakota, is tentatively scheduled for October 23rd. Please call Tom
Poor Bear, Camp Boo Many Horses Organizer: Mark White Bull (605-845-2067) or
La Framboise Island Camp Organizer: Boots Quiver for more information.

In regards to Russell Means, his investors and supporters who are making plans to
open a non-profit liquor establishment in White Clay, Nebraska, to raise funds for
a multi-million dollar treatment center to heal our peoples liquor sickness, Camp
Justice will continue battling against any liquor sales within 20 miles of our
reservation boarders or on our homelands.

Warriors plan to stay at Camp Justice and continue our weekly walks through the
winter months. Warm clothes, comforters, wood stoves, tents, batteries, camping
equipment and miscellaneous items are desperately needed.

Camp Justice organizers have been busy and our support is stronger than ever. A
special thank you, from all of us, to our Internet/Communications committee,
American Indian Cultural Support group, Mike Wicks and Kathy Morning Star, and
all other individuals and organizations who have helped us and have shown respect
and confidence for the Lakota during our struggles to seek Justice.

In the Spirit of Justice,


From: Organizers, Leaders and Supporters of : "Camp Justice" and the "March for
Justice" to White Clay, Nebraska

Written by Tom Poor Bear and Sandra Matchen To Supporters: It is in honor of the Spirits of two Oglala Pine Ridge men; Wilson "Wally" Black Elk, Jr. and Ronald Hard Heart and their brave family and friends, that Camp Justice was established. During Native American Day we ask that you give honor to all those who have, and are, giving their life to see justice prevail for Native American people. Worldwide, Native American advocates, human and civil rights supporters, are pulling together, to see justice prevail in the investigation of unsolved murders and other injustices as well. Native American people have many issues with America, that we need to addressed now before anyone else is hurt, or there are no more of us left. Help stop Lakota Ethnic Cleansing. Supporters continue the struggle to make things right, anyway we can. Please fax, e-mail, mail and talk this message to many people. Please get out the word to your friends and co-workers, the media, elected representatives, Church, Veterans, Political, Youth, Educational, College, Environmental, and Minority groups. Some will help us. This is most important! WE NEED TO GET OUT THE WORD! Track your efforts! Very important. Keep a file on your efforts, who you have contacted and talked with. We may need it later. Mail a statement of efforts and copies of your letters to Camp Justice address listed below. Good Luck finding good people! All of us in this struggle, really appreciate all efforts toward helping us. Wopila! Many special Thanks to you!

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