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From: Organizers, Leaders and Supporters of: "Camp Justice" and the
      "March for Justice" to White Clay, Nebraska
Contact: Tom Poor Bear, Camp Justice Leader,  "Sergeant at Arms,
         Oglala Sioux Tribe, "Serving the Oglala Lakota Oyate,"
         (605) 867-5821  


  Oglala Lakota Oyate will unite For Justice & Accountability 
                 Saturday, November 6th 1999
Camp Justice sends greetings to all and we wish to tell our many
supporters throughout the world, that we are very grateful for your
friendship and support during a most crucial time for our people.

November 6th  will mark the 21st weekend of "March for Justice" to
White Clay, Nebraska. World attention is drawn to the unsolved murders
of Wally Black Elk and Ronnie Hard Heart.  These two Lakota men were
found dead, brutally beaten and mutilated a few feet from the
Nebraska/South Dakota border.  It was in their honor, that Camp Justice
was established.  

Camp Justice is sponsoring an Honoring and Gathering Rally of Concerned
Oglala for Accountability and Justice being held on Saturday, November
6th.  A march to White Clay will start at the Billy Mills Hall in Pine
Ridge at 10:00 am.  The Rally will start at 1:00 pm when marchers return
to the hall.  All supporters are invited and welcome.  There is lots of
room to camp and volunteers have gathered plenty of food.  A traditional
meal of buffalo, wojapi and fry bread will be served after the rally.

Upon request of Elders, special invitations has been extended to; Lakota
Spiritual Leaders, Oceti Sakowin Camp on La Framboise Island, Justice
for Boo Camp, Camp Strong Hold, all Camps for Justice, all Lakota
people, OST Council Members, OST Executive Committee, Veterans,
Clyde & Vernon Bellecourt, Dennis Banks and the American Indian Movement.
Clyde and Dennis will arrive by Friday.

Elders have asked that Camp Justice help unite our people so that we can
stand together to accomplish the many tasks that lay ahead for Lakota.
For the sake of our children and their future they ask us to continue
to stay standing strong against the many injustices occurring today.
We thank everyone who has helped us as we defend the rights of the
people of our Nation.

The World is still watching as Nebraska, South Dakota, FBI, BIA, Federal
and Tribal Officials are attempting to apprehend a murderer(s), people
who are freely walking among us today.   Camp Justice organizer, Tom
Poor Bear states that the Tribal Officials are working full time on the
investigation, with little to no help or communications from the other
agencies involved.  

Tom reports families and friends have still not heard from the Federal
or State officials, and that they seem to be covering up important
information.  He states that there is still no proof or explanation as
to why the suspects have been cleared, nor have they received answers
regarding pervious leads from the community.

Tom and supporters have still been meeting daily with people and
organizations in districts throughout the Pine Ridge homelands.  The
Wounded Knee District Council has written a resolution in full support
for the agenda of Camp Justice and the White Clay issue.  The resolution
(attached) has been signed and was passed unanimously by the Oglala
Tribal Council on October 25th, 1999.  

Last month, Oglala Tribal President, Harold Salway met for fifteen
minutes with Attorney General Janet Reno in Washington.  We understand
that Janet Reno seemed more concerned about Waco and the Clinton
scandals then addressing the investigations of our unsolved murders and
the White Clay issue.  She had no answers or input. 

We understand that Ms. Reno has been under a lot of stress and has had
to defend herself and her actions of the past.  Again our people are
put on the "back burner" in hopes that we will go away.  Our people
throughout the United States and the world are coming together for
Justice and Unity.  We, along with our supporters, will not go away.  

If Ms. Reno doesn't want another Waco incident, she better look and
see...the racial tensions around our boarders and the anger within our
communities is clear to see.  We ask all supporters to write to her to
let her know that you want her to take Lakota issues seriously.  Tell
her the people of the United States expect Lakota Human, Civil and
Treaty rights be upheld and protected and that our issues should be
addressed immediately.  
Attorney General Janet Reno, 
United States Department of Justice, 
950 Pennsylvania Ave, 
N.W. Washington, D.C.  20530  

Director of Public Affairs of Attorney General Janet Reno:  
Mr. Myron Marlin 202-616-2777

Meanwhile, the Tribal Council has said that this month, they will file
an injunction in Federal court against the town of White Clay, Nebraska.
White Clay is part of the Oglala Lakota Homelands according to Lakota
Treaties of 1851 and 1868, the 1889 Dawes Act, and the 1904 presidential
order.  The Oglala Lakota people want this land back.  Camp Justice will
issue a press release when the injunction is filed.

Warriors still plan to stay at Camp Justice and continue our weekly
marches through the winter months.  Warm clothes, comforters, wood stoves,
tents, batteries, camping equipment and miscellaneous items are still
desperately needed.   

Again, Wopila to the many individuals and organizations who have helped
us and have shown us respect and confidence for the Lakota during our
struggles to seek  Justice and Accountability. 

In the Spirit of Justice, CAMP JUSTICE
Camp Justice Organizers:  
Tom Poor Bear, Loren Black Elk, Tom Clifford, Dave Clifford, June
Little, Alberta Black Bear, Faye Cedar Face, Dale Looks Twice, Tony
Brave, Sandra Matchen

To Supporters: 
 It is in honor of the Spirits of two Oglala Pine Ridge men; Wilson
"Wally" Black Elk, Jr. and Ronald Hard Heart and their brave family and
friends, that Camp Justice was established.  During Leonard Peltier
Month, we ask that you give honor to all those who have, and are, giving
their life to see justice prevail for Native American people.

Worldwide, Native American advocates, human and civil rights supporters,
are pulling together, to see justice prevail in the investigation of
unsolved murders and other injustices as well.  Native American people
have many issues with America, that we need to address now before anyone
else is hurt, or there are no more of us left.  Help stop Lakota Ethnic
Cleansing.  Supporters continue the struggle to make things right,
anyway we can.

 Please fax, e-mail, mail and talk this message to many people. Please
get out the word to your friends and co-workers, the media, elected
representatives, Church, Veterans, Political, Youth, Educational,
College, Environmental, and Minority groups. Some will help us. This is
most important!  WE NEED TO GET OUT THE WORD!  Track your efforts! Very
important. Keep a file on your efforts, who you have contacted and
talked with. We may need it later. Mail a statement of efforts and
copies of your letters to Camp Justice address listed below.  Good Luck
finding good people!   All of us in this struggle really appreciate all
efforts toward helping us.
Wopila!  Many special Thanks to you!

Send money, even if you can only send $5... anything you can, to help
with maintaining Camp Justice, along with letters of Support you have
written to:
Camp Justice
c/o Tom Poor Bear
P.O. Box 823
Pine Ridge SD  57770

 If you can, when you come to march or help maintain Camp Justice please
bring lots of food, camp supplies of any kind.  Money sent will be used
to continue our efforts and pay the expenses.
Send Donations of food & supplies for Camp Justice:  
Camp Justice
c/o Fay Cedar Face
200 Eastside Rd.
Pine Ridge, SD 57770
Note: Leader, Tom Poor Bear, must approve all news releases from
Camp Justice.

Mike Wicks 
CAMP JUSTICE internet/email Liaison

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Note: All news releases from Camp Justice must be approved by Leader, Tom Poor Bear Send money, anything you can, even if it is $5, to help with maintaining Camp Justice, along with letters of Support you have written, copies of news articles for the families of the victims (they don't get many) to: Camp Justice c/o Tom Poor Bear P.O. Box 823 Pine Ridge SD 57770 If you can, when you come to march or help maintain Camp Justice please bring lots of food, camp supplies of any kind. Money sent will be used to continue our efforts and pay the expenses. Send Donations of food & supplies for Camp Justice: Camp Justice c/o Fay Cedar Face 200 Eastridge Rd Pine Ridge, SD 57770


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