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Camp Justice
C/O: Tom Poor Bear; Spokesman
P.O. Box 823
Pine Ridge, South Dakota 57770

February 7, 2000

Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
Attn: Sgt. Marvin Costello
Enforcement Division
P.O. Box 95046
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509

Sargent Marvin Costello;

This document will serve as an official and legal letter of protest to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.

On January 6th, 2000 the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission granted liquor licenses to the liquor establishments in White Clay, Nebraska. The decision to renew the liquor licenses in White Clay reflect the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission's blatant disregard for the safety and protection of the Oglala Lakota Oyate (people) and the laws that guides the United States Constitution and it's local and state governmental agencies.

The geographical area known as White Clay, Nebraska borders the Oglala Lakota Nation with a distance of less than two miles from the nearest Lakota family residence. Decades of police reports will reflect the thousands upon thousands of beatings, theft, prostitution, car accidents and fatalities, and most recently murders that have resulted from the continual business of selling liquor in White Clay, Nebraska. The victims of the aforementioned crimes are 99.9% Oglala Lakota people.

The area known as the White Clay Extension to the homelands of the Oglala Lakota has been long established as part of our territory, which President Chester A. Arthur, on January 24, 1882, issued an Executive Order to protect American Indians from people who sought to exploit lands and goods from them by bartering and selling of goods for alcohol. Two subsequent Executive Orders relating to White Clay were issued by President Roosevelt, on January 25, 1904 and February 20, 1904. Nothing can change an Executive Order without an Act of U.S. Congress as stated in the Dawes Allotment Act of 1887. It is without a legalistic doubt the owners of the liquor establishments and the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission are in contempt and violation of the Executive Orders of 1882 and 1904.

February 5th, 2000 marked the 34th weekend of the "March for Justice" to White Clay, Nebraska and the establishment of Camp Justice. We will continue to march every weekend to bring local, sate, national and international attention to the illegal sale of liquor in White Clay and the dehumanizing conditions and criminal activity that the selling of liquor in White Clay perpetuates against the Oglala Lakota Oyate. Camp Justice will continue to exist until there are no longer liquor establishments in White Clay, Nebraska and the recent murders of Wally Black Elk and Ronald Hard Heart are satisfactorily solved.

The Nebraska Liquor Control Commission's renewal of the liquor licenses in White Clay, reaffirms our distrust with members of the commission and the continued lack of good faith displayed by local law enforcement and other governmental agencies of Sheridan County. At this time we strongly urge you to: 1) Research the laws that pertain to the illegal selling of liquor in White Clay, 2) Investigate and establish a special commission to examine the perpetual rising criminal activity, assaults and deaths in White Clay, 3) Lastly, work with members of Camp Justice to abolish the liquor establishments and the demoralizing, unsanitary, unlawful and unnatural conditions that currently exist in White Clay, Nebraska.

This letter of protest to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission will also serve as a notice of our intent to utilize every legal avenue available to us to end liquor sales in White Clay. We will continue to organize the thousands of our supporters in the United States and in foreign countries. We will launch a national media campaign and we will bring in civil and human rights activists from across the country to march with us to White Clay in an attempt to expose the violations of U.S. Constitutional and Treaty laws and the exploitation of Oglala Lakota human life at the hands of the liquor establishments and the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.

The leaders, organizers and supporters of Camp Justice will continue to uphold Treaty law, U.S. Constitutional law, and the inherent spiritual laws and values that have guided our Oglala Lakota Oyate for generations. We will continue to seek truth over ignorance, protect life and the quality of life over monetary profits, and lastly, we will end the exploitation of our people and land by the business owners and governmental agencies of Sheridan County and the State of Nebraska, by every means necessary.

The choices that lay ahead of you as representatives of your local commissions and agencies are clear: You can decide to uphold your own laws or you can continue to assist in the perpetration of greed, squalor and crime that exists in White Clay, Nebraska. You can decide to work with us to create change that will benefit all colors of people in White Clay or you can stand in the way. You can decide to help us put an end to the human suffering and generations of abuse and alcoholism or you can be part of the system that is profiting from the disease of alcoholism. You can join with us to improve the quality of life for generations of children and adults. The choice is clearly yours…….

Hectu - Yelo

Tom Poor Bear                                                         John Holy Rock
Spokesperson, Camp Justice                                  Oglala Lakota Elder

CC: American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council
Grey Eagle Society                                                             Jesse Jackson
Great Sioux Treaty Council                                                Angela Davis
Oglala Sioux Tribal Council                                                N.C.A.I.
United States President Clinton                                          Rapid City Journal
Attorney General, Janet Reno                                            L. A. Times
U.S. Members of Congress                                                 N. Y. Times
U.S. House of Representatives                                           Washington Post
Center for Constitutional Rights
Jerry Matthews
Native American Rights Fund

Permission is granted for forwarding or posting if this entire document is kept intact, and not altered in any way.
A second letter filed February 10th, 2000


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