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     This is a report that proves, beyond any doubt, that racisim exists toward American Indian people. I have selected only a few of the many graphs and figures to place here on this page. For a full undstanding, please read the entire report. This is a report prepared by the U.S. government, and it is meant to be distributed, so feel free to do exactly that. Help people learn what is contained in this report.

     Among the things brought to light by this report are the number of violent victimizations on Indian people being more than twice the rate for non-Indian people. That is much too high a percentage to be explained by anything other than outright racism. In fact, if you add to this number the number of victimizations that are ruled otherwise by racist police, medical examiners, and judges, the actual numbers would really be staggering.
The second thing it brings to light is that seventy percent of these victimizations are committed by persons not of the same race. Again, the only conclusion one can draw from that is that it is outright racism.
Also pointed out is that the poor are victimized worse than those with higher incomes. Associated with that, but not pointed out in the report, is that because of racism, the chances of an Indian person having a higher income is reduced, and thus the chance of becoming a victim is increased.

     This brings us to the effects of school mascots on a society that has already displayed it's tendency toward racism. Using a race of people, or a representation of a race of people for a mascot, sends a strong signal to children that it is alright to belittle and insult that race. There need not be a feeling of hate involved, but just a feeling of one race being "better" than another. In some cases, this can and obviously does, lead to a feeling of hate, and therefore fuels the numbers in the report.
What can be done about this very obvious problem of racism toward Indian people? I believe it needs to start by removing the racist mascots, and stereotypes, and by teaching the children in schools that it is NOT alright to belittle and insult an entire race of people. Education is the answer, and it must begin with the educators. Psycologists have studied this mascot issue and the affects on both the Indian children, and on the non-Indian children. As one would expect, Indian children in a learning environment where an "Indian" mascot is in use, have the worst problems. They are not as apt to join in with classroom activities, nor with sports activities. It creates an environment that deprives these children of an equal learning opportunity. It also affects the self esteem of these children. The non-Indian children quite frankly, learn racism. They also, because of the mascot, learn of a stereotype image of Indian people that hinders their learning about present day Indians. In other words, both the Indian children and the non-Indian children are injured by the affects of the mascot, but in slightly different ways. The only answer possible to this problem is to remove the racist mascots.
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