MASCOTS - Racism in Schools
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Educate the Educators

Some important things to keep in mind when communicating with these schools,
school officials, school board officials, politicians, and even the media;

They are quite serious in most cases about the idea that they are showing
the Indian people honor by using us as a mascot.  That may sound strange, but
in many cases it is true.

They need to be educated to the facts, but not attacked for what they
believe.  Try to treat them with the Respect and Honor that they are
claiming to be treating us with.

They are going to be very resistant to change - be patient - keep trying
to educate, and avoid the temptation to loose your temper.
I know from experience that it is both easy to loose your temper, and that
it's better not to.

The best approach is to contact people in a particular order.
If the school official(s) have an email address, I have tried to supply
a convienient click to email link on the listing for the school.  Use
that first.  If no email is available, then use the postal address.
If you get no response, or if you get a response that indicates it
would be hopeless to continue dealing with the school, then it's time
to move up to the next level.

If you have an email or postal mail response from the school, then by
all means forward it along with your complaint to the next level.  It
can speed up the process if they know you have already made contact at
the lower level, and are now escalating it to their level.  Keep the
lower level contacts informed that you have carried it to the next level.

If you need to, don't be shy about taking it to state Reps or Senators,
or even to U.S. Reps and Senators if necessary.

When speaking to media people, be careful of how you word things.  They
like to chop down a long quote to a few words fro it, so try to give them
a prepared short quote they can use - then give a longer explanation of
what that means.  That way if they only use the short few words, they are
more likely to use your quote intact.

We at AICS would like to be informed of your progress, which state,
which school, that you are dealing with etc.  You can feel free to
include us on a CC: when you write, or you can forward messages to
us, or just drop us a line to let us know.  Email:
Feel free to write and ask questions also.  If you think we can assist
by getting involved, write and tell us what has been done so far, and
who you have delt with, and ask us to join in.

You can contact me at;


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