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Updates for December 21, 1998
Updates for December 28, 1998

Chairman tries to call Special Meeting Dec. 2nd to appoint Council officers and other appointees. Only Seven MileCouncilwoman, Josephine Goode was seated in Council Hall, the rest of the Council were meeting in Vice Chairman’s office and refuse to meet due to new 48 hour Rule.

Special meeting called for Casino Report on Thursday, Dec. 3rd at Casino. Chairman refuses to recognize Special meeting due to 48 hour Rule, Council showed up – V.Sneezy, M.Faras, V.Cassa, E.Duncan, R.Alden, J.Goode, R.Olivar, R.Rope & H.Talgo. Meeting cancelled – Casino personnel leave conference room and an informal open "information" session takes place for new council.

Dec. 4th, V.Sneezy purchases new vehicle.

Regular Meeting held on Dec. 8th. All Council present. Actions taken:

V.Sneezy tries to appoint S.Rambler as Tribal Secretary, V.Cassa as Treasurer, F.Jones as Adm. Assistant, Duties of Chairman to include check signing authority – All tabled by motion made by M.Faras

Chairman request restoration of Adm. Authority. Resolution questioned on Administrative Authority, two resolutions with same number, different certification. V.Sneezy states, as far as he is concerned, this nullifies the Adm. Authority and restores it to Chairman. V.Sneezy and H.Talgo introduce another resolution reaffirming administrative authority to V.Sneezy and H.Talgo, Council refuse to recognize. Chairman is recognized as Administrator.

Reinstatement of Chief Judge Anson Sneezy, motion made by J.Goode, and Associate Judge Marston Zaye motion made by V.Sneezy.

No Treasurer’s report. No new check signers – M.Mull and V.Azure signature still on Tribal checking accounts.

Dec. 8th. Chief Judge A.Sneezy, Judge Zaye return to Tribal Court.

Dec. 10th, Thursday. Council write a memo reaffirming administrative authority to V.Sneezy and Asst. Adm. tO H.Talgo signed by H.Talgo, R.Alden, R.Rope, E.Duncan, W.Belvado – all old Council.

Dec. 11th, Friday - V.Sneezy calls for Water Rights briefing to take place in Scottsdale – Council present: R.Stanley, V.Sneezy, M.Faras, V.Cassa, E.Duncan, J.Goode, R.Alden, R.Olivar, R.Rope, H.Talgo.

Dec. 11th, Friday – Prosecutor O.Burshia and TAO and R.Dosela reportedly assist Chief Police A.Jackson in preparing a memo stating PD do not recognize A.Sneezy or Zaye, only R.Dosela as Tribal Judge.

Dec. 11th, Friday, R.Dosela reports to work as Chief Judge as have police escort A.Sneezy and M.Zaye out or Tribal Court.

Dec. 11th, Friday 4:30 PM, R.Dosela files restraining order: SCAT vs A.Sneezy – restraining order for A.Sneezy to stay away from Tribal Court – signed by R.Dosela and W.Dewey.

Dec. 14th, Chairman Stanley puts out memo to for Special mtg to take place on Wed. Dec. 16th.

Dec. 16th, Special mtg scheduled for 10:00 PM, Council present: R.Stanley, V.Sneezy, V.Cassa, J.Goode. the rest of the Council boycotted the meeting.

Dec. 18th Friday, Council request special meeting at 10:00 in Globe at Chamber of Commerce signed by M.Faras, R.Alden & H.Talgo. Chairman refuses due to 48 hour rule. Council are refused conference room at Chamber. Meet with Pam Peterson, attorney, at Holiday Inn Express. Council who did not attend: R.Stanley, V.Sneezy, J.Goode, V.Cassa.

Dec. 18. Arrest warrant issued for V.Sneezy for Extortion filed by Police Chief, signed by Pro-tem Judge Richard Perry. V.Sneezy refuses to be taken into custody by officers – officers leave.

Volunteer Staff decorate office – because they care.

New Council offer NEW HOPE or DO THEY?

To Test an individual’s character give them Power.

Who passed the test so far? For the People or Corruption? Keep watching – the show is not over yet!

CTA Supports Independent District Recall Petition Drives for All Districts.

District Meetings will be scheduled and posted in Moccasin and Cable. All are encouraged to attend. CTA meetings are scheduled for Mondays at Public Library. Focus set on Constitution reform, Open Mtg. Law, Chamber of Commerce, and community gatherings. Care enough… Take time to come.

from cta to each of you...

Merry Christmas

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Outstanding New Year!!!

As with all Indian nations, we recognize that:

Apache is not just a name, it is a way of life and we will do all we can to preserve it.

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