December 21, 1998
In the Spirit of Geronimo

Corruption Continues…

Updates for the month of December
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Updates for December 28, 1998

Merry Christmas
From the San Carlos Apache Tribe to
Marvin Mull and Rhyne Dosela!

pickup1   Pickup2

Tribal Vehicles – Volvo and Dodge Intrepid traded in for Mull and Dosela. Council approved for Rhyne to purchase 97 Dodge Intrepid for $4,000 and Mull to make the last payment on his Volvo – all transactions were completed early and in order to stop Council from taking cars back, they were both traded in.

Since the Vice Chairman and the "Acting Vice Chairman" both took their cars, the incoming Vice Chairman V.Sneezy purchased a new car for himself.



Traveling throughout the reservation, many have noticed that there are individuals living in inadequate housing. Corruption continues to exist, elected leaders violate their oaths of office by "having favoritism for themselves".


People have a right to be angry, the money the Council has used to pay themselves and their attorney’s have not helped any of their constituents. The question is how far are they willing to go to protect themselves? And what cost will the people suffer?


Call to Action continues to be the voice of the Apache People. For information of current happenings tune in on Saturday Mornings on KJAA Radio, 1240 on your dial at 10:30 A.M. If you are interested in joining our radio team, feel free to contact Charles at 475-2579. If you have information or even pictures for CTA to post, contact Gail at 475-2743. Donations are greatly appreciated for continued radio time and newsletters, please make checks payable to Call to Action, or give any other donations to Brenda Victor, at 475-2331.


CTA is in the process of starting a San Carlos Chamber of Commerce. We are working with Globe’s Chamber for organizational structure. We encourage all businesses to join our efforts. Meetings are scheduled every Monday at various sites on the reservation. All sites will be posted, beginning December 28th, 1998.


Web site designs are being created by Charles Vargus and David Miles. If you are interested in placing your arts & crafts on line and have pictures, business cards, etc. to place on web site, contact Charles at 475-2579.


A monthly newspaper is in the planning stages. The four page paper costs approximately $250 to print, CTA will begin charging .25 (twenty-five cents) per copy to help offset the cost.


Draft Constitutions and current Tribal Constitutions are available at Tribal Administration, this document needs input from each Tribal member. The Apache Speaking Only is very controversial for qualifications for Council Offices. This document is intended for future generations. To Protect the People against the Government.


A draft Tribal Ordinance of an Open Meeting Law has been designed by CTA, modeled after the State’s Open Meeting Law. Copies of this document will be available at any CTA meeting.


Petitions continue to be circulated for:

  • No to BHP Drilling Permit
  • No to any future Off Road Race sponsored by Casino or any entity of the San Carlos Apache Tribe


CTA continues to monitor Water Rights negotiations and has commented on proposed mine site for Phelps Dodge in Safford area. Sand & Gravel pit still considered illegal operation, and CTA recognizes conflict of interest on Council’s part in approving this plant.



Kim Secakuku, seen here at Dec. 8th council meeting continues as Consultant for the Tribe, (she has been accused of illicit Cohabitation with former Chief Judge Rhyne Dosela)


The Council hired many political appointees with questionable integrity. Resignations have been requested, terminations will follow. CTA will keep updates. C.Key, planning Dir. Resigns.

As with all Indian nations, we recognize that:

Apache is not just a name, it is a way of life and we will do all we can to preserve it.

For more information contact: Brenda Victor or Gail Haozous (520)475-2743

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