December 28, 1998

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Former Gilson Wash Council -



The Tribal Council in November, appointed Rhyne Dosela as Chief Court Judge. On December 8th, the Council took action during the Regular Meeting to re-appoint Chief Judge Sneezy and Associate Judge Zaye.

Happenings for week of December 20 – December 28th.

Sunday December 20th: Council passes five resolutions through an illegal meeting signed by acting Secretary Wynima Dewey Turney. All were signed by:

Bylas------------ Harrison Talgo, Sr. / Rose Rope
7-Mile----------- Rupert Alden
Peridot----------- Eugene Duncan
Gilson------------ William Belvado / Margarite Faras

The illegal "walk through" resolutions were:

DC-98-198. Appoint Marilyn Betchy Hiliau as acting Tribal Treasurer and continue as Comptroller until Tribal Treasurer is filled and authorize her to sign Tribal checks and Rupert Alden and Rose Rope ramin as signatories. And appoint Terry Jones as acting General Manager with appropriate pay adjustments until position is filled.

DC-98-199. Job Description of Tribal Secretary, Treasurer and General Manager, all under the general supervision of the Council – (true Micromanagement)

DC-98-200. the letter of Dec. 9th by Rupert Alden, Margarite Faras, Rose Rope, Eugene Duncan and William belvado is hereby affirmed, the Council conclude as the final appeal of Anson Sneezy by reaffirming Res. NV-98-185 (R Dosela’s appointment) and the same are therefore in full force and effect for a term of four years.

DC-98-201. Ratify and affirm the appointment of Faye Polk as Juvenile Court Judge and Winema Turney as Chief Clerk of Court and rescind Resolution AU-98-129, retroactive to Nov. 4, 1998.

DC-98-202. Rescinds Resolution NV-98-186 and transfers administrative Authority to Harrison Talgo, Sr. and Margarite Faras.

Meanwhile Tribal Administration tries to Restore Justice by:

Getting an opinion by Council appointed Judge David Antone on Rhyne Dosela’s Appointement. The opinion stated that Rhyne was considered an illegal appointment considering the Tribal Ordinance states that no Judge can have been convicted of a felony and no misdemeaners within the past year.

On December 24, 1998, an order came from Judge David Antone, demanding Rhyne Dosela to cease and desist any and all actions in Court.

Meanwhile the Corrupt Council "Illegally meet again" on December 23, 1998, they pass a resolution without any Tribal Secretary Signature, only notorized by a notary out of Maricopa County.

The resolution was signed by:
Bylas----------- Harrison Talgo, Sr. / Robert Olivar / Rose Rope
7-Mile---------- Rupert Alden
Peridot---------- Eugene Duncan
Gilson----------- Margarite Faras

DC-98-203. Council declares emergency existing at the Tribal Court and agrees to partial retrocession of 638 contract and request BIA to appoint two judges to preside over all criminal and civil matters at the Tribal Court, and Faye Polk continue to handle all juvenile matters, and Council waives its right to confirm BIA appointed judges so as to remain completely neutral, and BIA appointments shall be effective January 1, 1999 thru September 30, 1999., and the BIA Judges shall be paid out 638 contract, and appeals judge will be the same, and Res. NV-98-185 is ratified and reaffirmed, and Chief Judge Rhyne Dosela is placed on administrative leave effective Jan. 1, 1999; and all pro-tem judges with the exception of Judge Perry are hereby withdrawn, and A.Sneezy and M.Zaye whall be removed from payroll, and Police Chief and all Tribal employees shall comply with all orders of BIA appointed Judges, and no waiver of sovereign immunity or authority regarding any aspect of the Tribal Court system.

Today, December 28, 1998. The Chairman Stanley, Vice Chairman Sneezy, Peridot Council Verna Cassa and 7-Mile Council Josephine Goode met with BIA Supt. On the illegal meetings and resolutions. Many have witnessed Pam Pederson and other ladies going through the files in the Tribal Court. This needs to be documented. The BIA Supt., stated that this resolution has not been approved as of this day, and they need supporting documentation to counter this resolution.

As with all Indian nations, we recognize that:

Apache is not just a name, it is a way of life and we will do all we can to preserve it.

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